Flat Ollie



I love to travel! Download any of these Ollie drawings, (print, or paste, onto cardstock) color it, and cut it out. Then, take me with you on vacations, to the local park, to a baseball game, even to school! Take a picture of me in your favorite places, and write a brief description of where I am and something you’ve learned or enjoyed about being there.

Then share it! Post it on my Facebook page, share it on my Twitter account @OllieQCumber, or email it to marketing@mtolivepickles.com.

To give you an idea, I have posted some pictures of me in the manufacturing plant here at the Corner of Cucumber & Vine! It’s my very own brief plant tour for you. Hope you enjoy it!


P(ickle) S(cript): Kids – please make sure you have your parents’ permission to download anything from our website or to post to our social media pages.

Adventure With Ollie!

Print out and colorize your own Ollie then take him on Picklicious Adventures with You. Shoot photos and send them in. If we post yours here, you’ll get a special gift from Ollie himself! (edit as you would like)



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