Does Mt. Olive use button caps on its products?

Does Mt. Olive use button caps on its products?

Mt. Olive has recently converted a significant portion of its product line to safety button caps, which means you should hear an audible pop when you first open the jars.  These new caps replace the clear plastic tamper evident banding that Mt. Olive has used on all of its products for a number of years.

The change involves:

all of Mt. Olive’s line of relishes and salad cubes in 32 oz. jars and smaller

all of its whole fresh pack products (such as Kosher Dills, Petites, Baby Dills)

all of its processed items (such as Sweet, Dill, Sour, Hamburger Dill Chips)  in 46 oz. jars and smaller

The new caps are marked for consumers with the words “Do not purchase if safety button is up.”

Eliminating the tamper evident banding and moving to a safety button cap lessens packaging waste and still maintains the safety of these items. It also enables Mt. Olive to operate more efficiently by removing a step in its manufacturing process.

The tamper evident banding, a clear plastic ring around the top of each jar, will remain on the company’s line of fresh pack pickle and pepper cut products – chips, spears, sandwich stuffers, rings, slices and diced. This is because sealing these jars with a button cap requires a higher vacuum than is currently used. Higher vacuums on fresh pack cut products negatively impact the product quality once opened. Jars with tamper evident bands may or may not pop, but they should be reasonably difficult to open for the first time.

Updated 12/6/17

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