Mt. Olive Pickle Company Unveils Pickle Salsa

Mt. Olive Pickle Company, the #1 best-selling brand of pickles, peppers and relishes in the U.S., announces a new offering: Pickle Salsa.

Mt. Olive’s Pickle Salsa

Stack of three jars of Pickle Salsa. Mild Medium & Hot. White/gray background

Mt. Olive’s new Pickle Salsa comes in three varieties: Mild, Medium & Hot. It can be found at grocery stores nationwide.

“We are thrilled to launch our Pickle Salsa line, and to offer these innovative, flavorful new items to our pickle-loving fans,” said Greg Smith, Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

Yellow background. Wood serving board has grilled chicken breasts on it. Chicken breasts are topped with Pickle Salsa. Jar of Pickle Salsa on the right side. Small dish of pickle salsa.

Made with sea salt, Mt. Olive’s Pickle Salsa has 0g fat and 0g added sugars. It is gluten free and contains only 5 calories per serving. It can be eaten alone, used as a dip, or added to your favorite dishes. Try it spooned over grilled fish with avocado, or served over chicken quesadillas and topped with sour cream.

The Pickle Salsa line addition comes on the heels of another new Mt. Olive product. For years, fans asked Mt. Olive to bottle and sell its famous pickle juice. Mt. Olive’s new Pickle Juicers is made of Mt. Olive’s 100% Kosher Dill Pickle Brine. It can be used in recipes, as a marinade, for cocktails, or sipped on its own.

Mt. Olive Pickle Juicers, smaller 2 ounce plastic bottles stacked in front, then a large 64 oz jug of pickle juice behind it.

Pickle Juicers are available in 3-packs of 2 oz., or in 64 oz. jugs. You can find them in select grocery stores, or online at

If you’re a true pickle fanatic, you won’t want to miss Mt. Olive’s new online shop. There you will find Pickle Juicers, Munchies portable resealable pickle pouches, iconic hats, tote bags, koozies and more.

Mt. Olive Pickle Company is a proud partner of Make-A-Wish Foundation. To support World Wish Day, Mt. Olive is pledging 10% of all sales from the online store during the month of April to Make-A-Wish Foundation. To contribute, simply make a purchase at now through the end of April, and Mt. Olive will donate 10% of your purchase to fund life-changing wishes for children battling critical illnesses.

We are donating 10% of all sales from our online store during the month of April to Make-A-Wish Foundation. To contribute, make a purchase now through the end of April, and we will donate 10% of your total to fund Make-A-Wish’s life-changing wishes to children battling critical illnesses.

Earlier this year, Mt. Olive Pickle Company celebrated its 95th anniversary. Mt. Olive remains committed to the idea that a strong company makes for a strong community, focusing on producing quality, innovative products and serving customers well.

Lynn Williams, Public Relations Manager
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