Mt. Olive Pickle Salsa

Do you love pickles? Do you love salsa? If you answered yes to both of those questions, you are going to love our pickle salsa. Available in 3 flavors – mild, medium, and hot, you can find our pickle salsa at your local grocery store or from our online shop. All of our salsas are made with sea salt and contain only 5 calories per serving! Seeing as how our pickle salsa has limited ingredients, they are gluten-free as well! It really doesn’t get any better than that!

Pickle Salsa For Every Meal

Oh but wait, it does get better. You can enjoy Mt. Olive Pickle Salsa in so many ways. You can eat it simply by itself, as a dip with chips, or you can add it to your favorite dish to give your meal some extra flavor and heat. One of our favorite ways to enjoy pickle salsa is as a topping for chicken quesadillas. Others love it on the top of tacos or added to their favorite casserole dish or family chili recipe. If you are looking for inspiration or ideas for using your jar of pickle salsa, give our Grilled Shrimp Sandwich or Empanada Jalapeno Poppers recipes a try.

Mt. Olive Pickles Through The Years

In 1926, Mt. Olive Pickle Company was actually established to distribute cucumbers throughout North Carolina. However, it didn’t take long to transform into a pickle-producing company. From our modest beginning, with only a 3,600 square foot building and $19,500 in capital, Mt. Olive has quickly grown to be one of the most loved pickle companies, manufacturing a best-selling brand of pickles, peppers, relishes, and salsa in the U.S for their millions of customers. In more recent years, we have focused on expanding the brand by including products such as our dill-icious pickle salsa!