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Mt. Olive’s traditional dill pickles are made to perfection using our original traditional dill pickle recipe. These crunchy pickles offer our classic cool and refreshing dill taste, perfect as a snack or with a sandwich.

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Dills (46 oz.) – 09300 00069
Dills (80 oz.) – 09300 00182
Dills (1 gal.) – 09300 12806
Large Dills (1 gal.) – 09300 12809
Genuine Dills

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7 reviews for Dills

  1. Rosalind Llanos

    The Best dill pickles you will eat. Take my word for it. I love them. Perfect size taste awesome always fresh. Highest rating plus buy it you will love it.

  2. Earl Mosley

    The best damn dill pickles on the planet. Mt Olive is to pickles as The Beatles are to music. They are in a class by themselves.

  3. DARIN

    Great pickle, been looking for the Genuine Dills and cant find them. Are these the same as the Genuine Dills, have they replaced them?

    • Lynn.Williams

      The Genuine Dills have a slightly different flavor than the plain Dills. Both have been around for a very long time. Each can be difficult to find in some places, particularly the Genuine Dills as they have a limited distribution. Publix Supermarkets would be your best bet for the Genuine Dills, which are available only in the Southeast.

  4. Ken

    Question: do these have garlic in them? If not I will try them.

    • Lynn.Williams

      Ken, our plain Dills do not contain garlic.

  5. Lizz

    Growing up, these were my most favorite pickles in the world!!! Since I stopped seeing them at stores in Florida, I stopped eating pickles all together. People say that kosher dill and dill are the same but not to me… I am pregnant now and have been craving nothing but these dill pickles but the closest I can find to them here are the hamburger dill chips. I wish I could order these pickles online somehow.

    • Lynn.Williams

      Lizz, trust your taste buds. The Dills are very different from the Kosher Dills in that the kosher dills have garlic flavoring. And, the Hamburger Dill Chips essentially use the same flavorings as the Dill. Unfortunately, we don’t pack plain Dills in a size that we can ship you direct via UPS. But use our online locator to search for these near you. We pack them in 46 (UPC 09300 00069) and 80 oz. (UPC 09300 00182) jars, and gallons (UPC 09300 12806 or 09300 12809). And, you can always ask your local store to special order a case for you. Sometimes it’s possible and sometimes it isn’t. But it’s worth a try. Be sure the give them the UPC code. All the best to you and your growing family.

  6. Kassidy

    These pickles are my all time favorite and nothing has ever topped them. Don’t ever stop making them please i beg of you. I LOVE YOU MT OLIVE.

  7. Kay

    Are these vegan

    • Lynn.Williams

      Yes, they are!

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