Mt. Olive Kosher Dill Sliders jar

Kosher Dill Sliders

We took Mt. Olive’s flavorful Kosher Dill pickles and made them the perfect size and shape for sliders! Get a taste of pickles in every bite!

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Kosher Dill Sliders (24 oz.) – 09300 00286
Kosher Dill Hamburger Stuffers (24 oz.) 09300 00190
Organic Kosher Hamburger Dill Chips
Simply Pickles Hamburger Dill Chips (24 oz.)  09300 00540

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 These are pickles that are pre-cut and pre-sliced especially for sliders. The wonderfully flavorful dills with a touch of garlic make for an irresistible addition to your favorite sandwiches and sliders. They’re  a handy and super convenient accompaniment to a casual lunch or a worthy inclusion to any condiment platter. How about a deli-style buffet with a selection of cold cuts, garnishes and dressings? Watch as the kosher dill sliders disappear, and make sure you have an extra jar on hand for refills.

Let’s not forget what these dills were originally designed for…sliders.  Lay a couple of pickle slices across a freshly grilled mini-meat patty with some onions and cheese. Include a bun (or a couple of romaine leaves for a lower-carb option). It’s a great mid-day snack for kids and teens to enjoy after school.

Mt. Olive Kosher Dill Sliders is available in 24 ounce jars. Or you can choose from similar condiments:  Kosher Dill Hamburger Stuffers, Organic Kosher Hamburger Dill Chips, Simply Pickles Hamburger Dill Chips

Enjoy Mt. Olive Kosher Dill Sliders with your favorite lunch or grilled meat. Or just simply scoop them up and nosh straight from the jar to savor the tangy flavor.

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