Kosher Dills

Kosher Dills

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A little dill here and a little garlic there. These Kosher dill pickles are loaded with big garlic taste. Enjoy Mt. Olive’s fresh, garlic-flavor in a whole, crunchy pickle!

Available as:
Kosher Dills (32 oz.) – 09300 00082
Kosher Dills (46 oz.) – 09300 00086
Kosher Dills (64 oz.) – 09300 00167
Kosher Dills (80 oz.) – 09300 00180
Kosher Dills (1 gal.) – 09300 12833
Hot & Spicy Kosher Dills
Simply Pickles Kosher Dills (46 oz.)  UPC 0930000682
Zesty Garlic Kosher Dills (46 oz.)  UPC 09300 18400

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Fresh packed, Mt. Olive Kosher Dills are so crunchy they’re a joy to bite into. Crisp and tart, with a tangy bright pickle flavor that’s second to none. These whole dills are hearty enough to satisfy any craving, but so good you won’t want to stop at one.  Give your taste buds a treat with the dill infused, garlic flavored pickle you can grab right out of the jar.

Want a deli-inspired lunch at home? What better way than to include a whole pickle with your sandwich plate. Need a new snack idea for the kids? What about deep frying some dills and coupling it with a nice cool  ranch dip? Packing a quick meal on the go?  Don’t forget the kosher dills. Everyone loves a nice, crunchy pickle they can bite into and enjoy. Made using cucumbers pickled at their absolute peak of freshness, these dills are impossible to resist.

Available in four different options:  The Kosher Dills (32, 46, 64, and 80 oz. or 1 gallon) , Hot & Spicy Kosher Dills, Simply Pickles Kosher Dills (46 oz.),  and the Zesty Garlic Kosher Dills (46 oz.). You can find these pickles at your favorite local supermarket or grocery store across the US. 

Whole pickle goodness with a crispy bite, one of life’s simple pleasures that you can always have at hand.

Reviews (23)

23 reviews for Kosher Dills

  1. Norman Reitzel

    For pickle lovers (myself), the 1 gal size of Kosher Dills is a wonder. Fits in my refrigerator door, and is excellent for whenever I feel peckish.

  2. Misty Gittens

    There isn’t anything better tastin than a Mt. Olive Kosher Dill Pickle! I’ll eat a huge jar in a week. I wish I could buy Kosher Dill Pickle juice alone. YUMMY never change the recipe. #1

  3. David Lee sr

    I’m wanting the 2.5 gallon jar of kosher dill that my mom and dad had in our store where can I find these

    • Lynn.Williams

      David, we discontinued our 2.5 gallon items when the glass manufacturer quit making the jars nearly 20 years ago.

  4. Mike C

    I’ve lost 55 lbs on a new diet my wife suggested. Lots of lean meat and green vegetables. My only snack is Mount Olive Kosher Dills. No calories. No fat. No carbs. Love ’em!!!

  5. jim moore

    Great pickle. You can’t beat a Mt. Olive pickle. Just wish you sold this juice in GREAT BIG jars. Keep up the good pickles they don’t get any better. Please bring back the big jars you use to have.

  6. Ed H.

    Found these delicious Kosher Dills (80 oz.) about 6 months ago. Best damn pickles I think I’ve ever had! Keep up the great work. I’ll definitely continue purchasing them in my local area.

    Also, I repurpose the jars for fermentation of my home made Kimchi and was wondering if you could direct me to a source for the lids for the 2.5 quart wide mouth (80 oz.) jar.

    • Lynn.Williams

      Ed, we are dill-lighted you enjoy our Kosher Dills! Replacement lids for our jars are not commercially available, and for that reason we generally recommend that you recycle our jars rather than repurpose them for other types of food processing.

  7. Paige Crews

    I love Mt Olive pickles…..live right down the road from Mt Olive. I would love to see a 1 gallon jar of pickles, but not with the super big pickles, but with the size pickles you get in the 46oz jars……that would be WONDERFUL!!!

    • Lynn.Williams

      Paige, we’ll forward the suggestion…

  8. Herman Stiles

    The kosher dills – Have you changed your recipe in the last year or so they seem more sour tasting. If so I liked the old recipe.

  9. Joe Brockman

    Your Kosher dills are wonderful. It just can’t get any better. Keep up the good work.

    • Lynn.Williams

      Thank you very much!

  10. Léandre B

    What a shame I live in Montréal where we don’t have these wonderful pickles. I finished 80z jar in 2 days and I’m craving some right now.

  11. Heather

    It says on the jar to keep refrigerated after opening, is this a requirement to keep them from going bad? Or just a suggestion for better taste and texture? We want to buy the giant jars, but it won’t fit in the fridge!!!

    • Lynn.Williams

      Heather, we recommend you refrigerate our products for taste and texture, and to ensure the pickles don’t ferment on you. Fermentation isn’t a health threat, but it means the pickles can get dark and soft. A telltale sign is a cloudy or milky appearance to the juice.

  12. Diana Cro

    The gallon of pickles I brought was not crunchy at all the juice was there but they was mushy and soft.

    • Lynn.Williams

      Diana, we apologize that you had this experience with a jar of our gallon Kosher Dills! If you haven’t already, please go to our website and complete the online product concerns form, or call us at 800.672.5041. You’ll need to have the jar handy so we can get the information on it. We’ll send you a replacement coupon by mail.


      Thanks for buying Mt. Olive, and thanks for letting us know.



  14. Steven Briggs

    I love Mt. Olive Kosher Dill Pickles! I was in a restaurant recently and photographed a FOUR GALLON jar that still had the Mt. Olive label (UPC #0 09300 55553) on it AND the pickles inside it. When did Mt. Olive stop using the four gallon containers?

    • Lynn.Williams

      Steven, we discontinued those large jars of pickles when the glass maker discontinued the jars – about 20 years ago!

  15. Eric Pesetsky

    I like the flavor of your kosher dills but it seems that every jar has numerous pickles that are either completely soggy, or large parts of them are. I normally buy the gallon size whole dills for economy, but have bought smaller sizes as well. I am now rather hesitant to try anything else because of the sogginess issue.

    • Lynn.Williams

      Eric, we apologize that you have had this experience with our products. Please let us know when you encounter this so that we can properly follow up with you. You can call us at 800.672.5041 weekdays 8-5 EST, or you can contact us through our product concerns web form: https://www.mtolivepickles.com/contact-us/concerns-product-feedback/

  16. Valerie Collins

    Would like to order pickles because I enjoy them so much . in my area we get them sometime but not often .I live in the greenwood, Ms area .I shop at Save @lot

    • Lynn.Williams

      Valerie, you can order any of our 12 or 16 oz. items, and some 24 oz. items. Just call our gift shop at 800.672.5041.

  17. Dyan

    I purchased a 2.5 qt jar of mt olive kosher dills. So excited to go home and have a big pickle. Opened the jar and they were mushie. Not sure what happened to them, but was very disappointed.

  18. Johnny

    Excellent product! My local grocer had the big jars for $3.99! Never had them before and like another poster, I opened the jar and they were mushy. I then tried one after it had been in the fridge for 2 days and Huzzah! Perfect texture, taste, and flavoring! So hooked I now have the Security Guard at work and several others hooked! Love these pickles!!!!! It might kill me if the sale ends. I have three more jars I just bought to stay stocked up for summer!

  19. Florence

    why is the Kosher Dills taste spicy? I love that they are juicy and crisp but they taste spicy well at least the jar that I bought from Safeway

    • Lynn.Williams

      Florence, we apologize that you had this experience. It would be most helpful if you could complete our online product concerns form. That way we have the details from the jar, and your name and mailing address so we can properly follow up with you. https://www.mtolivepickles.com/contact-us/concerns-product-feedback/ Thanks for buying Mt. Olive, and thanks for letting us know.

  20. Julie Davidson

    I usually have no problems with this company or the way your pickles taste. But I bought a fully sealed package and none of the container was broken. But I somehow found glass pieces in the middle of the pickles! I am very upset!

    • Lynn.Williams

      Julie, we apologize! If you haven’t already, please either call us at 800.672.5041 or complete the online product concerns form at https://www.mtolivepickles.com/contact-us/concerns-product-feedback/ You’ll need to have the jar handy. This allows us to get the information we need to properly respond to you. Also, please hold onto the piece of glass, as we will likely send you prepaid packaging to send it to us. Thanks for buying Mt. Olive, and thanks for letting us know!

  21. Amanda

    Best Pickles Ever! Only wish I could buy the juice by the jar.

  22. Stephanie

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Best pickles ever….wish I could purchase pickle juice alone.

  23. Chris Widmer

    When your wife forces you to eat tons of pickles so she can have the juice to marinate pork chops and chicken… Great product. Totally wish there could be a “commemorative” big 2.5 gallon jar for Mt. Olive’s 100th Birthday!!! (Giving you guys five years to figure it out)

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