Organic Bread & Butter Chips

Organic Bread & Butter Chips

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All natural pickles made with all natural flavor. Enjoy these USDA Certified Organic pickle chips in your favorite Mt. Olive bread & butter flavor! They’re Naturally vegan and gluten free!


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Organic Bread & Butter Chips (16 oz.) – UPC 09300 00455
Bread & Butter Chips
Bread & Butter Chips w/Sea Salt (24 oz.) – 09300 00652
Bread & Butter Chips w/Sugar (24 oz.) – 09300 00531
Hint of Salt Bread & Butter Pickles (16 oz.) – 09300 00347
No Sugar Added Bread & Butter Chips (16 oz.) – 09300 00109
Simply Pickles Bread & Butter Chips (16 oz.) – 09300 00531
SweetHeat Bread & Butter Chips

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Our classic Mt. Olive Bread & Butter Chip pickles are coming back with a whole new healthy look. With a kick that’s a little sweet and a little zesty, our organic bread & butter chips are packed with all natural flavor. Certified USDA organic, they are naturally vegan and there’s absolutely no high fructose corn syrup. 

Our Bread & Butter Chips are mixed with farm-fresh cucumbers, vinegar, celery and mustard seeds, and onion flakes for a mouthful of flavor. Our high-quality and organic ingredients give us a product that is filled with a wonderfully crunchy and crispy flavor.

Finding a way into your home and heart, you can use our organic bread & butter chips in a variety of ways. These bold, crisp, classic cut pickle chips are a perfect side item for your turkey sandwich at lunch or the family BBQ on top of your cheeseburger. Or, pour the juice or add a pickle into potato salad, deviled eggs, coleslaw, or another favorite recipe for a delicious flavor and extra crunch. 

With the classic crinkle-cut and a bold sweet and tangy flavor, feel free to delight yourself with the classic taste you know and love, whether you are dishing out some pickles straight from the jar, or adding them into a delicious recipe. Ideal as appetizers, alongside sandwiches, or fun picnics in the park, we promise you’ll love our unique, organic flavors.

With a wide selection of pickled products, from peppers and pickles, to relishes and salad cubes, you’ll be sure to find the perfect addition to your meal or dish. All of our products are made with the freshest ingredients to accentuate every bite, and we guarantee that you will love cracking open a jar of Mt. Olive pickles and relishes.

Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Organic Bread & Butter Chips

  1. Lindsi

    Very good…. no msg/ and no gmo products used…. very pleased…. wish they had more variety and larger sizes

  2. Mary

    These are really good! I would love to see your sweet gherkins in organic also

  3. Stace

    Just stumbled into these the other day and they’re fabulous. It goes to show that pickles do NOT need artificial color and preservatives to be good. I hope MO will dump those ingredients from their other lines.

  4. Dee

    OMG These are amazing, found them at the local Winn Dixie SOOOO good;-)

  5. Brandin

    Found my new go-to pickle. Very delicious.

  6. Robert

    I was out looking for a good organic bread and butter pickle without guar gum and other additives. Was completely surprised I found this Excellent pickle at our
    local store. Extremely smooth and well rounded flavor with a nice crisp finish. Perfect!

  7. Risha

    These are the bomb . Com!!! My snack time is much different since I found this product. The crunch is amazing

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