Sweet n Hot Salad Peppers

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A sublime combination of banana peppers, onion, sweet and hot.

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Sweet n Hot Salad Peppers (12 oz.) – 09300 00090
Sweet Salad Peppers (12 oz.) – 09300 00098

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Some like it hot…like Mt. Olive Sweet n Hot Salad Peppers.  The perfect accessory to top your favorite salad, wrap, sandwich or sub. And oh, so much more. Let’s broil up a quick dish of sausage and peppers that have a nice hot and spicy kick. How easy is it? Just grab some out of the jar and just squeeze slightly to drain, then toss them in with the sausages.  Let’s make an easy upgrade to leftover pizza slices…place a few of these peppers over the slice before popping it into the oven.

Feeling hungry yet? How about loading a pita with hummus, sprouts and those deliciously sweet and hot peppers. Give your grilled cheese sandwiches a kick by sprinkling a few peppers.  Or how about a twist on an American classic like macaroni and cheese? Chop up those peppers to spice up what used to be a typical side dish. Add some to ground beef for meat loaf, hamburgers, tacos…is there a recipe that can’t be improved by adding these gems in a jar? Give your favorite meal s a new, zesty zip of flavor.

Available in two varieties:  Sweet n Hot Salad Peppers i 12 ounce jars  and Sweet Salad Peppers in 12 ounce jars.  You can find these peppers at your favorite local supermarket or grocery store across the US.

A sublime combination of banana peppers, onion, sweet and hot. What are you waiting for? Go out and pick up a jar today.

Reviews (38)

38 reviews for Sweet n Hot Salad Peppers


    Greatest peppers for any dish. I use them on salads, sandwiches, rice dishes, and basically anything else. I love these peppers. My local grocery store has stopped carrying them though and I have to travel to find them.

    • Lynn.Williams

      James, be sure to use our GPS to help locate these at a store near you!

  2. Jerry Laymance Sr.

    I would like to be able to purchase these peppers but can not find any store near me.

    Have check in in the high desert and Bakersfield with no help

    • Lynn.Williams

      Jerry, be sure to use our online pickle locator to help find this item near you. If it just isn’t available, you can always order from us by calling 800.672.5041. Press 2 for the gift shop.

  3. Amy Billotte

    I am addicted to sweet & spicy salad peppers! I eat them plain, on pizza, salads & sandwiches. They are no longer available at my regular grocery store, so I make a special trip to another store to stock up.

  4. Lisa

    Love these peppers! Can you tell me if they are gluten free?

    • Lynn.Williams

      Lisa, all of our products are gluten free!

  5. Mary Spiller

    I love that Amy said ‘addicted’. That was the exact term I was going to use. Oh my gosh, they are good on everything. Sweet and Hot Salad Peppers have a huge thumbs up from all the thumbs in our house and even some visiting thumbs!

  6. George

    These are the best and my “secret ingredient” for one of my go to dishes. They are no longer available at any store near me in Denver. Why?! Please tell me you are not discontinuing.

    • Lynn.Williams

      George, we have no plans to discontinue this item! But stores make adjustments in their product mix from time to time. Use our online product locator to see it’s available near you. If you just can’t find it, you can always order from us and we’ll ship you six jars per box. To order, call us at 800.672.5041 and press 2 for the gift shop. Thanks for buying (and looking for) Mt. Olive!

  7. Dan Waldruff

    Like everyone else, the sweet and hot pepper rings are excellent……..the only problem is the jar is too small!! How about selling these in gallon jars?

  8. John scott

    These are the best pepper rings going. They are great with everything. But the only thing is, I want to be able to buy these by the 5 gallon bucket. One little 12 oz jar is nowhere near enough. So Please consider making these available in a much larger quantity jar. At least a 1 gallon. Thank you so much. Love ya. Mean it.

  9. Anne Tolleson

    These peppers are absolutely delicious. I’m so happy that they are available near me!

  10. B. Pendleton

    PLEASE package these in a larger jar size, which of course will reduce everyone’s cost. I, like others am addicted to these tantalizing peppers. So at least make a quart jar size, I’m sure ALL will agree…..!!!

  11. Ann Cochran

    These pickles are my absolute favorite and my local store has discontinued them. There is no place within 50 mi that has them anymore. I also would like to see them in a bigger jar. Great Product!!!!

    • Lynn.Williams

      Ann, you can order these from us and we’ll ship you six jars per box. To order, call our gift shop at 800.672.5041.

  12. Carol

    Yes, need a larger size of Sweet N Hot Peppers

  13. David Stevens

    Coleslaw, for one reason, is another excuse to buy what first seems to be an unnecessary purchase.
    Yet the list for uses is very long.
    Cornbread recipe, a tablespoon of jar juice from Mt.Olive Sweet N Hot Peppers.
    Late night swigs of the aforementioned juice,
    the results are endless.

  14. Hezakiah Levinson

    Looks like a lot of people have the same prob I have; all the stores around Philly stopped carrying them. Last place I found them was Walmart 6 months ago when I bought all on the shelf since couldn’t find them anywhere. Empty space on the shelf since then.

    • Lynn.Williams

      If you haven’t already, use our online locator to see if it’s available near you. https://www.mtolivepickles.com/product-locator/
      Otherwise, you can always order it from us and we’ll ship you six jars per box. To order, call our gift shop at 800.672.5041.

  15. C J

    Love these peppers. Why did Walmart stop selling? No biggee. I did the store locater and found them at Winn Dixie. Yay!


    Man I love these things. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEze make a larger jar !!!

  17. Clarissa Evans

    Yes! Bigger jar please! We eat them onjust about everything. Try them on pizza…omg…so good!!!!

  18. R Keller

    larger jar would be nice. another great product from mt olive.

  19. D Dugan

    I absolutely love the Sweet-N-Hot salad peppers, I am so addicted to these things I buy 5-6 jars at a time

  20. Cindy Setz


  21. Brian Gentile

    I wish you would make these in bigger jars!!! Please please please!!!!

  22. Lisa Fox

    Please, please, please, make the sweet n hot salad peppers in a bigger jar. Absolutely the best peppers ever!!!!

  23. Cara

    I can’t find these yummy peppers in stores!

    • Lynn.Williams

      Cara, if you haven’t already, use our online locator to see if they are available near you: https://www.mtolivepickles.com/product-locator/ If you just can’t find them. order from us and we’ll ship you six jars per box. To order, call our gift shop at 800-672-5041.

  24. Dale Alexander

    I became deliciously ‘addicted’ to Sweet n Hot Salad Peppers 12 oz. when lived in NC & when I go back to visit family. Surprisingly in Jalepeno rich Texas they are NOT TO BE FOUND!!! I’ve taken empty jars to local KROGERS & HEB where they sell MT. OLIVE brands and they have NOT ordered or stocked, even tho I said I would pay for case. So tonight I’ve requested MT. OLIVE to INVOICE me for a case via UPS. Let’s hope they will comply with my request as I’m running out of the case I brought home over Xmas. What’s a guy goin to do????

    Thanks in advance MT. OLIVE for making such a great product.

    • Lynn.Williams

      Hey Dale, we appreciate your dill-emma. We can’t invoice you for the case, but you can order by phone from our gift shop and pay by credit card, and we’ll ship you two 6-jar boxes of the Sweet n Hot Salad Peppers. To order, call us at 800.672.5041. Thanks for buying (and looking for) Mt. Olive!

  25. Jess

    These are my absolute favorite. Unfortunately There isn’t anywhere near me that carries them anymore. (I’ve checked the locator)

    • Lynn.Williams

      Jess, you can always order from us and we’ll ship you six jars via UPS. To order, call our gift shop at 800.672.5041.

  26. Media Hobbyist

    OH my goodness! These are phenomenal!a YouTube video by a lady whose channel is Lady T Sensation raved about how delicious this is! She even saved the brine and poured it over cucumbers and onions! She said it was so good she could drink the brine! Well, I searched high and low and it took me SEVEN stores before I found this! Why are they so hard to find! Phenomenal product! Thankfully she advertised it for you! Make a commercial or something so more people can know about it and enjoy! Heck, use that lady as your spokesperson!!

  27. Deborah Cowger

    I would LOVE to see these in a LARGER jar!!!

  28. Cindy McHugh

    Like everyone else who posted, I’d LOVE to buy these in a larger jar. Other Mt Olive products are sold in larger jars, please consider adding a larger size of these. They add sooo much flavor to sandwiches!. I’m assuming a lot of stores don’t carry them because they’re not big sellers. I don’t find them “hot” at all and wonder if changing them to just “sweet” would attract more buyers. I’ve suggested them to family members who refused to try them because they don’t like hot peppers. People who don’t like hot peppers may avoid them and those who do like hot peppers may be disappointed.

  29. Steve

    Man oh man! Best peppers ever! I put them on EVERYTHING! I want to suggest you guys try grilling hamburgers to medium, and on an onion bun put a generous portion of Woeber’s Sandwich Buddy, along with some of these sweet and hot pepper slices!!!!! Simple, but you will win awards for it guaranteed!

    • Blair Cox

      Hey Steve, that does sound really good! Thanks for the compliment and suggestion!

  30. connie

    Mt.Olive Sweet “N” Hot Salad Peppers are the very best items for a sandwich or a Wrap—add your choice of meat–some spring lettuce of choice throw you some of these peppers on there & Sun-Dried Tomato salad dressing on it & wrap it up & cut in to small section & enjoy every mouth full…thanks—

  31. Julie

    I just discovered these and they are now my favorite. I LOVE THEM. Like everyone else, please offer them in a larger jar.

  32. mary

    These peppers are my abosolute favorite! I only wish they came in larger size jars because my family goes through 2+ a week!

  33. Donald Chase

    I, like so many others have 2 issues with the Mt Olive Sweet N Hot salad papers 1) It s getting more and more difficult to find these delicious peppers . I have used the pickle located and call a few on the list near me plus have looked in the stores that typically cares them. 2) there needs to be a larger jars option, like a quart ( I guess I will I could throw every thing out in fridge out to make room for gallaon size)

  34. Tina

    I love these. They are great on salads. When Meijers stopped carrying them, I was thrilled to find them at Wal-Mart. When Wal-Mart stopped carrying them, I was relieved that Kroger had them. I picked up 4 jars today.

  35. Kathy Evans

    Like all the others who have commented, these are the worlds best pickles. I’ve been eating them for years, a lot of years. Many years ago I was living up in the northeast and couldn’t find these anywhere. My mom was coming to visit and I talked her into bringing several jars with her from North Carolina. This was well before the airliner hijackings. These were bigger jars, probably quart size. I was in heaven for a few weeks. I ADORE these pickles. If I put them on the table my husband wipes out 2/3 of the jar. He’d eat the whole jar if I didn’t object. Please, please make a (much) bigger jar! The do an ad campaign so other people are aware of them. I think I’ll have to order some. Can’t find them here anymore.

  36. Pamela

    My husband and I love these peppers. They are great on just about everything.

  37. Jeff Crane

    These are perfection,I have only one issue with this product.
    Please start packaging these in a bigger jar!!
    3 sandwiches and the jar is empty
    I’m constantly running out

  38. GiGI Turner

    Omigeeze!!!! These are addictive! I’m searching high and low for them and everyone is out of stock!

    • Lynn.Williams

      We are dill-lighted you enjoy them! Please be patient with us as we get our inventories back to normal.

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