Kosher Dill Petite PicklePak

Kosher Dill Petites picklePAK

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Mt. Olive’s petite Kosher Dills in convenient single serve cups!

Available as:
Kosher Dill Petites picklePAK (picklePAK – 14.8 oz.)  UPC 0930010012
Jalapeno Slices pepperPAK (pepperPAK – 14.8 oz.)  UPC 0930010016
Sweet Petites picklePAK (picklePAK – 14.8 oz.)  UPC 0930010013

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Reviews (18)

18 reviews for Kosher Dill Petites picklePAK

  1. Texas

    My daughter LOVES these! I put them in her lunchbox for school every single day. They’re perfect! Thanks for making them!

  2. Melissa

    These are wonderful! My 9 year old daughter and I take them in our lunch, so tasty and convenient.

  3. Corey Tackaberry

    Every time I travel to the States I go and stock up on the Kosher Dill Petites Pickle Paks. They are my favourite and the best I have ever tried.

  4. Fran Roffe

    These are the greatest!!!! My husband loves these and he is able to have them everyday with his lunch and I am able to limit the amount he has. He has his own fridge at work but if I gave him a whole jar at a time he would eat them all in one day..Super great idea ,THANK YOU

  5. john

    I love them thay are the best for a snack or with any lunch mt.olive is the best pickle there is.

    • Lynn.Williams

      Thank you!

  6. Renee

    My daughter loves these for her lunch, other kids even ask her about them. I used to only be able to find them at our local super Target BUT they haven’t had them in store for months, I check every time. I checked the map but the closest store is an hour away, boo!

  7. Diane L MATSCHE

    How do you order pickle packs

    • Lynn.Williams

      Diane, to order our picklePAKs, call our gift shop at 800.672.5041. (You’ll need to press option 2.)

  8. Pam Miles

    I have become addicted to these picklePAKS ! I buy as many as they have on the shelves each time I go which is at least three times a week. Can’t get enough of these. Love them !!! Thank you for putting out such an amazing product !

  9. Diane English

    These petite pickle packs are the greatest thing for me to carry with me to prevent muscle cramps & feet cramps and especially at night to eat a PAK before bed to prevent me from waking up because of feet/leg cramps. They are delicious little pickles & I always drink the juice too.
    Thanks for such a great convenient product to carry any or everywhere to have when I need them! They are wonderful!!!

  10. Sara Stark

    I was so excited to find these! So nice to take to work.

  11. Amy

    Super convenient and tasty. And a great snack on my low carb diet.

  12. Ann, April 24, 2017

    I absolutely love these and bought as many as I could find. Am running out and so disappointed. Cannot find them in any store, anywhere. Such a perfect size and they are delicious! Please advise where I might find them!

    • Lynn.Williams

      Ann, if you haven’t already use our online product locator to see if they are available near you. https://www.mtolivepickles.com/product-locator/
      Beyond that, you can always order from us by calling our gift shop at 800.672.5041.

  13. Frances

    Ugh, not even listed on the drop-down of the online product locator any more! They were sooo good and so convenient!
    Kosher dill petites, I miss you…

    • Lynn.Williams

      Frances, the picklePAKS are still on the locator – they are listed as picklePAK – Kosher Dill Petites. 🙂

  14. Paula B

    These are terrific!!! I keep these in my desk at work so I always have a perfectly portioned snack or add-on for lunch. I saw these at Wal-mart the other night and squealed out loud, “Pickles in a pack!” (Yep, there were some looks.) But I was excited to find these — thank you folks!!!

    • Lynn.Williams

      Paula, so dill-lighted you found these!

  15. Kim

    Is there any way I can get the UPC number of this item so that I can find out if we can get them through our grocery supplier? Thanks

    • Lynn.Williams

      Sure! It’s 09300 10012

  16. violet

    I’m addicted.

  17. Lindy

    Do you have these in a jar version? I can’t find ones in a jar that taste the same as these, they’re so good!!

    • Lynn.Williams

      Lindy, we are dill-lighted you enjoy them! The picklePAK pickles are processed, meaning they’ve been fermented first. We don’t have a similar item in a jar.

  18. Stephanie

    Dill-licious and convenient!

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