Sweet Petites PicklePak

Sweet Petites picklePAK

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Mt. Olive’s sweet petites in convenient single serve cups!

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Sweet Petites picklePAK (picklePAK – 14.8 oz.)  UPC 0930010013
Kosher Dill Petites picklePAK (picklePAK – 14.8 oz.)  UPC 0930010012
Jalapeno Slices pepperPAK (pepperPAK – 14.8 oz.)  UPC 0930010016

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Mt. Olive Sweet Petites picklePAK – pickles to go.  Small little cukes that pack a big, flavorful  punch. The traditional sweet pickle flavor aficionados love paired with the crispy crunchiness everyone enjoys.  The convenient plastic cups can go with you just about anywhere… wherever people gather together, you’ve got a handy snack to share with friends and family. These sweet petites are an irresistible addition to any appetizer platter or informal meal. And they’re the perfect size for a quick bite between meals.

Tote a pack in your lunchbox or backpack. Stash a pack of pickles in a cooler for picnics or beach excursions.  You can always satisfy your craving for the sweet and crunchy sensation of sinking your teeth into a Mt. Olive petite. How can you resist the combination of easy portability, access and delicious taste?

Sweet Petites picklePAK is available in a 14.8 ounce package that includes four containers.  Also available are Jalapeno Slices pepperPAK and Kosher Dill Petites picklePAK.

Mt. Olive Sweet Petites squeeze lots of flavor into a little bit of a pickle. Enjoy straight out of the pack or with your favorite sandwiches and subs.

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5 reviews for Sweet Petites picklePAK

  1. amy cloud

    Perfect idea! My hyper 8 yr old son needs low carb school lunches. And getting lunches ready for an 8 yr old and 13 yr old is always a rush. My kids love them, they pack them in their lunches and baseball games!!! Kids on our team now buy them!!

  2. Carole Kustafik

    My grandkids love these pickles but I cannot find them anywhere – looked in VT, NH, PA, NJ, and SC. What’s happened that the stores have discontinued them.

  3. Mac

    3 Stars since it appears that they are no longer offered at any location near me (yes, I used the map locator). Is there a way to order factory direct?

    • Lynn.Williams

      Yes. Call us at 800.672.5041 and press 2 for the Gift Shop.

  4. Diana Guzman

    I love your sweet petites and love that they are packaged in the pickle pak. But, can’t you eliminate the high fructose corn syrup as an ingredient. I think they would still taste great.

    • Lynn.Williams

      Diana, thanks! We’ll take your suggestion under advisement.

  5. Nona Reece

    We love the sweet pickle packs but cannot find them anymore near us anymore. The koshers are great too but not as good as the sweets. Please bring them back to north Texas!!!! I would order online but you do not offer that option.

    • Lynn.Williams

      Nona, be sure to use our online locator to see if they are available near you: https://www.mtolivepickles.com/product-locator/
      If you just can’t find them nearby, you can always order from us by phone and we’ll ship them UPS. (We just don’t offer them online yet). To order, call our gift shop at 800.672.5041.

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