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Mount Olive Bread and Butter Chips - Sliced sweet and salty pickles ready to use on your favorite sandwich or as a side dish.

Bread & Butter Chips Made with Sugar

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Get the Bread & Butter pickle flavor you love, now sweetened with real sugar! Enjoy Mt. Olive’s sweet, fresh Bread & Butter flavored pickle chips today – They’re perfect as a side, on a sandwich or with a salad!

Available as:
Bread & Butter Chips Made with Sugar (16 oz.) UPC 09300 00531
Bread & Butter Chips
Bread & Butter Chips w/Sea Salt (24 oz.) – 09300 00652
Hint of Salt Bread & Butter Pickles (16 oz.) – 09300 00347
No Sugar Added Bread & Butter Chips (16 oz.) – 09300 00109
Organic Bread & Butter Chips (16 oz.) – 09300 00455
Simply Pickles Bread & Butter Chips (16 oz.) – 09300 00531
SweetHeat Bread & Butter Chips

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Bread & Butter Chips Made with Sugar

Mt Olive Bread and Butter Chips made with Real Sugar, delivers the delicious bread and butter flavor that you expect to find with Mt. Olive Pickles.  We use a simple pickle recipe to create the Bread & Butter chips that pair perfectly with all your meals, or right out of the jar.

We take teaspoons of granulated sugar, mix them with red pepper flakes, fresh dill, distilled white vinegar, fresh cukes, mustard seed, pickling salt, celery seed, cloves, turmeric, salt, sweet onion, peppercorn, and flakes of natural goodness to create the perfectly sweet and sour fermented pickles.

Our Commitment To Quality Shines Through in Our Bread & Butter Chips Made with Sugar

At Mt. Olive we are well-known for never cutting corners when it comes to quality.  We accredit our dill pickle recipe for putting us on the pickle map almost 100 years ago.

Now, we have mastered our Bread & Butter Chips Made with Sugar from Mt. Olive Pickle recipe. We have been making pickles a long time and most people think we are pretty good at it!

We use a tried and true recipe that we have tweaked to include a natural sweetener. For years family’s have depended on Mt. Olive Pickles for condiments and pickles that they feel good about serving their family.

Our Bread & Butter Chips Made With Sugar are held to the same strict quality standards that we have in place for all our products. All our pickle products are made with wholesome ingredients that create the distinct flavor of our Bread & Butter Chips Made With Sugar.

It All Starts With The Freshest Pickling Cucumbers

To get the perfect tangy tasting Bread & Butter Chips Made with Sugar we start by choosing the best cucumbers available from right here in North Carolina,  to make our Bread and Butter pickles. You won’t find anything but natural sweetener in our pickle jar.

The result is perfectly pickled cucumbers that we slice into fun to eat chips. These pickle slices fit perfectly into a sandwich, on a burger, or into a snack size bag to take with you.

You can always feel good about feeding your family Mt. Olive’s pickles. If you made homemade pickles you would use the same fresh ingredients we do. Get ready for some of the best store-bought pickles you have ever had.

Make Your Mouth Happy!

Mt. Olive Bread & Butter Chips Made With Sugar will make your mouth happy. Enjoy the sweet pickle taste with a bit of tang with your next meal. They are great refrigerated or right out of the pantry. You can feel good about serving your family all of the pickle products and delish relish options from Mt. Olive.

We have a pickle flavor for everyone. Grab a jar of ready to eat Bread & Butter Chips Made With Sugar on your way to the next game to give the kids a snack you can feel good about. Like something a little more on the sweet side try our sweet pickles. Our pickle chips come in Bread & Butter and Kosher dill flavors. Sour pickles, gherkins, chips, and our famous Bread and butter pickles are available at your favorite grocery store.

Try all our varieties of pickles. They are the perfect condiment to keep that sandwich tasty.

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Bread & Butter Chips Made with Sugar

  1. Carol Rathbone

    The best bread and butter pickle I’ve ever tasted. For years I made my own and never found a store brand that lived up to the homemade taste. No more home canning for me. These are IT!! Thank you for getting it so right.

  2. Claudette

    I was hesitate to buy your bread and butter pickles because I wasn’t familiar with the brand name. I’m so glad I took a chance. Your pickles are fantastic! Best B&B pickles ever!!

  3. anonymous

    Excellent pickles taste very good

  4. George Chandler

    These are THE BEST!!!! I’ll never buy another brand. Thank you!

    • Blair Cox

      Thanks George!

  5. S Overbay

    Limp and soft.

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