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Mt. Olive Polish Dill Spears with Sea Salt

Polish Dill Spears with Sea Salt

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Mt. Olive’s crunchy goodness in a spicy fresh Polish-flavored kosher spear, made with Sea Salt!

Available as:
Polish Dill Spears Made with Sea Salt (24 oz.) 09300 00305
Jalapeno Flavored Dill Spears (24 oz.) – 09300 18709

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Get the signature Mt. Olive crunchy goodness in a spicy, fresh Polish-flavored kosher spear made with high-quality sea salt! Mt. Olive Polish Dill Spears with Sea Salt blend traditional pickle flavor with the perfect amount of spice and fresh dill for a refreshing, tangy snack. Serve alongside soups and burgers, or chop them up to add some peppery zest to your everyday sandwich. Pickle lovers everywhere unite over this ready-to-eat, low-carb, and fat-free cookout favorite.

Mix it up at your next party by serving up our Polish Dill Spears with Sea Salt alongside other condiment classics like ketchup and mustard. Mouth-watering with hamburgers and ideal for an iconic Chicago-Style dog, give your family and friends the lip-smackingly savory taste you know they’re craving.

Mt. Olive’s Sea Salt recipe not only skips the regular table salt, it’s also gluten-free! Impress your taste buds with Polish dill flavors and accommodate dietary restrictions with ease. We always use the freshest ingredients including perfectly ripened cucumbers, Mt. Olive sea salt, and of course our famous Polish pickling seasonings and spices.

Quench your tangy cravings and stock up your fridge or pantry with our Polish Dill Spears with Sea Salt. Easily bring get-togethers and family dinners to another level by addingPolish dill flavors and the classic Mt. Olive pickle crunch. Serve on its own and eat it right from the jar as a mouthwatering midnight snack, or fine-tune your next dill pickle dip with sliced up spears. 

Our unique Polish dill recipe with sea salt livens up every meal and delivers the special flavor that’s oh-so-satisfying to munch on..

Mt. Olive has been delivering the pickled and relish products your family loves for nearly a century. We only use the best recipes and freshest ingredients for exciting tastes and backyard classics. Find Mt. Olive Polish Dill Spears with Sea Salt in a store near you today for a world of perfectly seasoned flavor!

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Polish Dill Spears with Sea Salt

  1. Jeff Hall

    An all-around excellent product! You just can’t beat quality!


  2. Checkersmom

    Absolutely my all time favorite pickle. Can’t live without them

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