Simply Pickles Kosher Petite Dills Ingredients & Nutrition

Simply Pickles Kosher Petite Dills

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Simply Pickles are made with sea salt and use the natural coloring turmeric. Enjoy this crunchy, kosher dill flavor in a small pickle – made with select ingredients!

Available as:

Simply Pickles Kosher Petite Dills (16 oz.)  UPC 0930000523
Buffalo Kosher Baby Dills w/Texas Pete (24 oz.)  UPC 0930000355
Kosher Baby Dills
Kosher Petite Dills
Organic Kosher Baby Dills
Petite Snack Cruncher, Kosher Dills
Petite Snack Crunchers, Buffalo Kosher Baby Dills w/Texas Pete (16 oz.) UPC 0930000354
Simply Pickles Kosher Baby Dills (24 oz.)  UPC 0930000680

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Add a bit of crunch to your next meal with Mt. Olive’s Simply Kosher Petite Dills. These may be our smallest-sized pickles, but they deliver a satisfying burst of garlic flavor. Delivering just the right amount of tang to accentuate any dish, these delicious dill pickles provide the signature taste every pickle lover knows and craves.

Simply Kosher Petite Dills are made with sea salt, vinegar, water and use the natural coloring of turmeric.

Incredibly easy to eat and enjoy as a quick snack or addition to a party tray, Mt. Olive’s Simply Kosher Petite Dills are ready to be eaten around the table for family dinner, in the backyard for the community get-together, or while cheering in front of the TV for your favorite sports team. Pair with some of our favorite compliments, like cheese cubes, olives, or ham, and make your backyard BBQ or dinner party the best one on the block. 

Mt. Olive has been producing quality pickles and pickled products like peppers and relishes for nearly 100 years. So if you’ve been waiting to take advantage of our delicious line of pickled products, try our Simply Kosher Petite Dills now!

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Simply Pickles Kosher Petite Dills

  1. Kevin Bunting

    Best pickles I have ever eaten and now the only ones I buy. Thank you Mt. Olive.

    • Lynn.Williams

      Thank you!

  2. Will Netone

    On another kosher product, your response was: “Any item with the word “kosher” in the label will have garlic in the flavorings.” Why isn’t the garlic specifically listed on all of the labels? Many people cannot eat products that contain onion or garlic. Sincerely, Will Grolemund

    • Lynn.Williams

      Will, the garlic we use in most of our products is part of the natural flavorings. Where we add additional garlic in the form of flakes, we declare that separately on the label. The same is true of onion – we declare that as an ingredient where we use either fresh onion or onion flakes. For consumers who have issues with garlic and onion, we generally recommend that they not eat any of our products, as both garlic and onion are widely used in our products and in our manufacturing facility.

  3. Don Mishler

    I love these pickles……. how about making it in a larger than 16oz option

  4. Anonymous

    These GMO free pickles are not the same flavor as original petite dill pickles was a bit dissapointed, I really like to support GMO free products. I’ll stick with the originals for now they are amazingingly crunchy ,delicious and addicting!

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