Sliced Pepperoncini

Sliced Pepperoncini

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Flavorful pepperoncini in convenient slices! A quick, simple, and delicious addition to any meal, Mt. Olive sliced pepperoncini is available in 12 oz. jar so you can always have your favorite pepperoncini peppers on-hand.

Available as:
Sliced Pepperoncini (12 oz.) – 09300 00092
Delicatessen Style Sliced Pepperoncini (32 oz.) –  0930000411

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Product Description

Registering between 100 and 500 Scoville heat units, the pepperoncini is the less-spicy relative of jalapeno and poblano peppers. Harvested before it has fully matured, the pepperoncini pepper is often confused for the banana pepper because of their similar colors. If left to fully mature, the pepperoncini turn a vibrant red. However, when plucked off the vine when they are between to two to three inches in length, pepperoncini is a bright yellow-green color.

In the Italian region of Calabria, the pepperoncini peppers play a pivotal role in the kitchen, adorning many dishes from this locale. In fact, Calabrian chefs love pepperoncini, which they call friggitello, so much that they host an annual festival to celebrate the mouth-watering pepper. The most important thing chefs in Calabria do with the sliced pepperoncini is always thinking up new ways to incorporate it into recipes. From savory pasta sauces to one-of-a-kind appetizers, sliced pepperoncini have limitless potential.

The pepperoncini have many names: the Tuscan pepper, the golden Greek pepper, the sweet Italian pepper. Whatever you call it, sliced pepperoncini peppers are a versatile ingredient that can be used in numerous dishes. Sliced pepperoncini make it easy to toss some on your favorite sandwich, salad, or pizza. An Italian beef sandwich tastes amazing with a few sliced pepperoncini. Don’t forget to also try our whole pepperoncini!

Since 1926, Mt. Olive has made the finest pickles, peppers, and relishes. Try our beloved sliced pepperoncini peppers the next time you cook. You won’t be disappointed!

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1 review for Sliced Pepperoncini

  1. Leslie M Beck

    Fantastic with pizza, eat a half jar every week! Delicious

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