Mt. Olive Sweet Baby Gherkins

Sweet Baby Gherkins

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If you like your pickles sweet, then you’ll love these snack-sized sweet pickles! Mt. Olive’s Sweet Baby Gherkins offer the traditional sweet pickle flavor you want in a small bite-sized pickle.

Available as:
Sweet Baby Gherkins (12 oz.)  UPC 0930000018
No Sugar Added Sweet Gherkins (16 oz.)  UPC 0930000108
Sweet Gherkins (16 oz.)  UPC 0930000048
Sweet Gherkins Made with Sugar (16 oz.)  UPC 0930000521

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Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Sweet Baby Gherkins

  1. Ivan

    I love these pickled cucumbers but the last time that I bought “kosher baby dills” it was with something like a sand, I almost had no tooth left. Where is your quality control?

    • Lynn.Williams

      We apologize that you had this experience! If you haven’t already, please call our Consumer Relations line at 800.672.5041, or complete our online form at https://www.mtolivepickles.com/contact-us/concerns-product-feedback/. You’ll need to have the jar handy. This allows us to properly follow up with you. Thanks for buying Mt. Olive, and thanks for letting us know.

  2. Sheila

    I LOVE the sweet baby gherkins and Wal-Mart used to carry them in the McAllen, TX area and now they do not. How can I get some?

    • Blair Cox

      Hey Shelia, if you haven’t already try our Pickle Locator https://www.mtolivepickles.com/product-locator/, to find the nearest location that sells any particular item. You can also order from our Gift Shop. Call 800.672.5041. We can ship you six jars of one single item :).

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