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Mt. Olive Sweet Baby Gherkins

Sweet Baby Gherkins

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If you like your pickles sweet, then you’ll love these snack-sized sweet pickles! Mt. Olive’s Sweet Baby Gherkins offer the traditional sweet pickle flavor you want in a small bite-sized pickle.

Available as:
Sweet Baby Gherkins (12 oz.)  UPC 0930000018
No Sugar Added Sweet Gherkins (16 oz.)  UPC 0930000108
Sweet Gherkins (16 oz.)  UPC 0930000048
Sweet Gherkins Made with Sugar (16 oz.)  UPC 0930000521

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At Mt. Olive we use the freshest cukes and ingredients in every pickle jar. Our Sweet Baby Gherkins are packed with flavor. Sweet Baby Gherkins from Mt. Olive is made like all our pickles are made. We pack our pickle juice with delicious flavorings and spices. 

Each jar of Sweet Baby Gherkins is crafted with a simple recipe that is focused on freshness. Simple ingredients like coriander seeds, garlic clove, granulated sugar, black peppercorn, mustard seed, turmeric, teaspoons of other natural ingredients all go in a pickle at Mt. Olive to give it that one of a kind flavor.

If you were at home canning your own pickled cucumbers you would use the same great ingredients. When you have been making pickles for as long as we have you learn how to perfect the pickling process.

What is a Gherkin?

A gherkin may look like a baby cucumber but it is actually a plant on its own. Cukes and gherkins come from the same family of plants. They look the same and the taste the same but gherkins only grow to about 1.5 inches long. 

At Mt. Olive we use the freshest gherkins in our Sweet Baby Gherkins.  We sweeten them to perfection. The result is a sweet tangy treat that is the perfect accompaniment to sandwiches, in salad, chopped into a delish condiment to complement a wide range of dishes.

A Snap of Sweet Flavor

Our Sweet Baby Gherkins are the perfect snack size treat for anyone that wants a taste of something sweet. We mix pure cane granulated sugar with distilled white vinegar, pickling salt, dill seed, mustard seeds and other pickling spices in the perfect ratio, then submerge our fresh picked gherkins in a giant vat of pickle juice where they stay fermenting until they are perfect. They are never mushy always crunchy!

What emerges is a crunchy sweet treat that is guaranteed to make your mouth happy right from the refrigerator.

Like all your favorite Mt. Olive pickles you won’t find any fat, or any gluten. The sweet crunchy Sweet Baby Gherkins are the perfect snack for anyone that wants to feel good about their snacking options. We make pickles that you can feel good about feeding your family.

They are also a low carb option for those that are trying to cut down on carbs but do not want to cut back on flavor. Mt. Olive is committed to delivering the delicious pickle products you and your family deserve.

Take our Sweet Baby Gherkins wherever you go for an easy snack that you do not have to feel guilty about. They are perfect at the ball game, for lunchboxes, and in the car. Anytime you want a taste of something sweet our Sweet Baby Gherkins are the perfect option.

Try Them!

Once you try our Sweet Baby Gherkins you will be addicted. We invite you to try all our pickle products. Try out Kosher Dill Spears and other dill pickles, bread and butter pickles, our pickle chips, our relishes, sweet pickles, and of course put our Sweet Baby Gherkins on the list of must haves.

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Sweet Baby Gherkins

  1. Ivan

    I love these pickled cucumbers but the last time that I bought “kosher baby dills” it was with something like a sand, I almost had no tooth left. Where is your quality control?

    • Lynn.Williams

      We apologize that you had this experience! If you haven’t already, please call our Consumer Relations line at 800.672.5041, or complete our online form at You’ll need to have the jar handy. This allows us to properly follow up with you. Thanks for buying Mt. Olive, and thanks for letting us know.

  2. Sheila

    I LOVE the sweet baby gherkins and Wal-Mart used to carry them in the McAllen, TX area and now they do not. How can I get some?

    • Blair Cox

      Hey Shelia, if you haven’t already try our Pickle Locator, to find the nearest location that sells any particular item. You can also order from our Gift Shop. Call 800.672.5041. We can ship you six jars of one single item :).

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