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Crunchy and sweet, gherkin pickles are a favorite for many pickle enthusiasts. In addition to Mt. Olive’s traditionally-sweetened gherkins, Mt. Olive also offers those made with sugar and with SPLENDA, the no calorie sweetener. The term gherkin generally refers to size – gherkins are smaller pickles. So while gherkins are pickles, not all pickles are gherkins. Gherkins can be flavored as dill, kosher dill, sour, and bread and butter, but at Mt. Olive, we make our gherkins sweet.

Mt. Olive uses pickling cucumbers, which are developed for processing based on length and thinner outer skins, (among other qualities) to guarantee a delicious product for our incredible consumers. Our gherkins are simply pickling cucumbers that are harvested when they are a smaller size.

Our Sweet Gherkins are also fermented, meaning that the fresh cucumbers we use for our Sweet Gherkins are placed in one of our 1,100 brine tanks on our tank yard. These cucumbers undergo a transformation  – the salt brine reacts to the lactic acid bacteria that is found naturally on the cucumbers to trigger a fermentation process. This process burns off the natural sugars in the cucumbers,  leaving  them cured or fermented, meaning they will not spoil  over time.  This process of fermentation using a salty brine is the traditional, ancient way to pickle cucumbers – it’s a method dating back to almost 2030 BC!

Mt. Olive’s Sweet Gherkins add a surprisingly sweet taste and a crisp texture to dishes. Great for snacks, as a condiment, or an addition to a number of recipes, gherkin pickles are a versatile ingredient. Some of the ways to use gherkin pickles include egg salad sandwiches, goulash, loaded baked potatoes, soups, and with smoked salmon. Gherkins also make an excellent pickle relish as well.

For nearly a century. Mt. Olive has been the country’s favorite brand for pickles, peppers, and relishes. For a sweet pickle that works as a snack or an ingredient in your favorite recipe, check out Mt. Olive’s selection of gherkin pickles.