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We love pickles. We love making  pickles. We love dreaming about new ways to make pickles, new ways to package pickles, new ways to flavor pickles. And not just pickles – we love pickled peppers, okra, onions, and, well, whatever else we can dream up to pickle. There is something special that happens to vegetables, especially cucumbers and peppers, when you put them in jars with salt, vinegar and just the right flavorings.

We love pickles of all shapes and sizes, flavors and colors, textures and varieties. And our goal is to spread our love for pickles, peppers and relishes to as many people as we can – which means we also dream about making pickles that appeal to as wide a variety of interests and needs.  Over the years, we’ve gotten pretty good at it. We introduced No Sugar Added pickles sweetened with SPLENDA so folks with diabetes and those with restricted diets could enjoy sweet pickles again. We introduced our picklePAKs, the first single-serve pickles in plastic cups, so folks could take their pickles anywhere. We improved on that concept more recently with our new Munchies in resealable pouches. We also listened to consumer requests for just pickle juice, so we  introduced Mt. Olive Juicers – kosher dill flavored pickle brine in 2 oz. bottles.

So, check out our new items and see just how creative we can be!

As the best-selling brand of pickles in the US, you’ll find Mt. Olive products in most major grocery stores throughout the country.