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Enjoy sweet pickles, but don’t enjoy the calories? Then Mt. Olive’s line of No Sugar Added pickles may be just for you.

Sweetened with the no calorie sweetener  SPLENDA, Mt. Olive’s No Sugar Added items offer a tasty, sweet option with none of the worries about calories! Our pickles have a delicious, sweet, crunchy texture that can you can enjoy anytime.

Add Mt. Olive No Sugar Added Pickles to your sandwiches, salads and as a guilt-free, straight out-of-the-jar snack. They are the perfect alternative to potato chips, cakes, cookies, or any other calorie-laden snack food. 

Our No Sugar Added line includes 16 oz. jars of Sweet Gherkins and Sweet Relish, as well as 16 oz. Bread and Butter Chips, Spears and Sandwich Stuffers. Look for the distinctive blue label with the traditional Mt. Olive logo when you visit your local grocer.