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Mt. Olive PicklePAKs are a great, convenient option for packing pickles as a take to work or to school snack. Mt. Olive PicklePAKs provide moms and dads with an easy option for giving their children a healthy, fresh and easy to pack and carry alternative to potato chips and cookies. We all want our children to eat healthy plus we are hampered with family and work and everything that entails so any snack option that is healthy and easy to pack and carry is a home run!

Mt. Olive Dill Petites and PicklePAKs contain 4 individual servings of 3.7 ounces of dill pickles packed in 4 separate plastic containers with a tear-off foil seal to maintain freshness and quality. Mt. Olive petite PicklePAKs are handy, great tasting, and have a long shelf life. They can also be bought for a fraction of the price of some of the other more expensive options available at the grocery store.

Picked, pecked, packed and ready to party, each package provides an easy way for consumers to enjoy bite-sized pickles with Mt Olive’s flavors including jalapeno, kosher dill, and sweet petites.

Try any of our pickle pack flavors and we are certain you will love them. Choose either our Jalapeno slices PepperPAK, Kosher Dill Petites PicklePAK or Sweet Petites PicklePAK.

Bring the perfect crunch to every meal with Mt. Olive’s PicklePAKs. Enjoy them at your desk, in the park, stuck in traffic or wherever you need a quick and convenient snack with our no mess and no fuss PicklePAKs. Mt. Olive’s PicklePAKs can be found in many of the major grocery stores across the United States. Mt. Olive products can be found on the shelves of Walmart®, ShopRite®, Publix®, and many more major grocery store chains across the country.

The next time you are looking for a handy dandy easy to carry snack that is healthy and delicious, choose Mt. Olive’s PicklePAKs!