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Don’t fear sugar! A little bit of sugar will round out your pickles’ flavor. Sweet and tangy with plenty of crunch, Mt. Olive’s Real Sugar Pickles make for a healthy and delicious snack option. Mt. Olive’s Real Sugar Pickles offer some extra flavor and intrigue while making these pickles a low-calorie alternative to cakes and cookies. Our real sugar pickle options are bread & butter chips, garden salad with Vidalia onions, sandwich stuffers, sweet deli style relish with sea salt, and gherkins.

Mt. Olive’s Real Sugar pickles are sweet, sliced pickles made from fresh cucumbers, spices, and real sugar. Our cucumbers are grown and harvested naturally ensuring you and your family are consuming only high-quality pickles with natural ingredients.

Enjoy any of our delicious Mt. Olive’s Real Sugar pickles. They can be found on the shelves of many of the major grocery store retailers located in your area. Our real sugar pickles and products are bursting with natural flavors. They are made with real ingredients and have fewer refined sugars and preservatives.

Crunchy, flavorful and super easy to prepare and serve, Mt. Olive’s Real Sugar pickles are a great addition to your favorite sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs or snack. Mt. Olive’s pickle products truly add spice to meals and snacks. The skillful blending of spices, sugar, and vinegar creates a satisfying mix of deliciousness and crisp, firm texture with a pungent, sweet-sour flavor.

Mt. Olive Pickles offers a wide variety of pickles and relishes that are found in all major grocery stores located throughout the United States. So do not delay! Add a jar or two or three of Mt. Olive’s Real Sugar pickles to your grocery store list and give yourself and your family a wonderful taste of utter deliciousness today!