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Mt. Olive’s relish and salad cubes are a perfect addition to lunches, barbecues or hamburger dinners. You can find Mt. Olive’s relish and salad cubes at any major grocery store or retailer in your area. Mt. Olive’s salad cubes are made with a larger cut than relish, giving them a crunchier texture. They are great for potato salads, deviled eggs, hot dogs, hamburgers and more. All of these dishes yell for that extra oomph from relish or sweet salad cubes.

Mt. Olive Sweet Salad Cubes are a sweet and tangy blend of pickled cucumbers and red bell peppers. Mt. Olive offers a full line of relishes and salad cubes in Sweet, Dill, Sweet India, Hot Dog, and No Sugar Added Sweet flavors. Mt. Olive pickle cubes are like sweet relish but in bigger chunks, and not as soft as relish. The cubes add a wonderful little bit of crunch to that sandwich or meal.

There are many Mt. Olive salad cube and relish options to choose from. You can choose from chipotle sweet relish, dill relish, dill salad cubes, fresh pack dill relish with sea salt, hint of salt sweet relish, hot dog relish and many more exciting and delicious flavors and textures.

Our salad cubes and relish options are made with high quality ingredients and we guarantee freshness in all of our salad cube and relish products. Mt. Olive salad cubes and relishes can be found at any major grocery retailers throughout the United States. The next time you go to the grocery store to shop for groceries do not forget to put some of our great tasting salad cube and relish options right into your shopping cart. Mt. Olive condiments should be found in every kitchen refrigerator and backyard barbecue.

Purchase any of Mt. Olive’s pickle products, gift packs or condiments today!