Resealable Pickle Pouches from Mount Olive Pickles

Our resealable pickle pouches let you take your favorite Mount Olive Pickles wherever you go. Delicious Mount Olive Pickles in leak-proof resealable pickle pouches means you do not have to wait to get home to enjoy your pickles.

Munchies pickle pouches are the perfect serving size for packed lunches at school, snacks at the beach, a stroll through the park, movie night, and just about any time you want a tasty snack from Mount Olive Pickles. Kids love them, and they are a parent-approved snack. Munchies resealable pickle pooches are loved by the whole family.

Snack Better

At Mount Olive Pickles we are proud to offer families a way to have a convenient snack that they can feel good about giving to their kids. Kids love Mount Olive Pickles and now you do not have to carry a jar around with you.

Resealable pickle pouches are a great way to make sure that you and your family have a great snacking option that is convenient. Instead of potato chips, the kids will be asking for Munchies pickle chips.  Choose your favorite Mount Olive Pickles in our convenient Munchies pickle pooches today!  

Munchies Bread and Butter Pickle Chips

Our resealable pickle pouches filled with Bread & Butter Chips are a crowd favorite. These pickle chips are the perfect balance of sweet and salty flavors. They are delicious straight out of the resealable pouch, on sandwiches, and on burgers. They are the perfect snack option to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Munchies Buffalo Kosher Dill Pickle Chips

For those that like a little kick to their pickle chips our Munchies Buffalo Kosher Dill Chips adds the perfect amount of spice to your snacking. Our convenient resealable pickle pouch ensures you can take these great tasting pickles where ever you go. Eat them straight out of the pouch but we have to warn you they are addicting.

Munchies Kosher Baby Dills

If you are a traditionalist when it comes to your pickle choices you will love our Munchies Kosher Baby Dills. They come in their own resealable pouch so you can enjoy them anywhere. Our Kosher Baby Dills have that snap that you want in your pickle and of course, are made to the highest quality standards at Mount Olive Pickles. Mouthwatering baby dills are crave-worthy.

Munchies Kosher Dill Chips

Get the same great Mount Olive Pickles flavor on the go with our resealable pickle pouches filled with Munchies Kosher Dill Chips. They are the perfect pick me up snack. They are perfect in the car, at the ball game, at the office, or anytime you want a healthy tasty snack. Try all our delicious flavors.

Munchies Kosher Petite Dills

Our petite dills in our resealable pickle pouches are the perfect on the go snack for any time and anyplace. You get that great Mount Olive Pickles flavor in a convenient resealable pouch that fits perfectly in a lunch box, backpack or purse. You can tuck them anywhere and have a handy snack that tastes oh so good.

Since 1926 we have been making pickles. Sweet pickles, dill pickles, old fashioned bread and butter pickles, spicy pickles, if it is a pickle we make it. Mount Olive Pickles is committed to delivering the best tasting pickle you have ever had whether out of the jar or out of the pouch. 

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