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When you’re looking for the classic tangy and sour taste of pickles, look no further than Mt. Olive Sour Pickles. A long-time favorite from Mt. Olive, these wonderfully sour and crisp pickles have a distinct flavor and crunchy texture you’ll never forget. While we offer a variety of sweet, salty, and zesty pickles for our customers, our traditional sour pickles have a long history of being a crowd favorite.

Just like our gherkins and other pickles in our collection, sour pickles are made from baby cucumbers. These cucumbers are preserved in a salt and vinegar solution for several weeks and months. We use just the right concentration of salt and vinegar to achieve that salty flavor that makes you pucker.

Mt. Olive uses small pickling cucumbers to make its batches of sour pickles. These cucumbers are chosen based on their length, quality of the outer skin, and other factors to ensure we can guarantee a delicious product for all of our customers. Our pickles are simply baby pickling cucumbers that are harvested when they are still very small.

Mt. Olive Sour pickles add a salty flavor and crisp texture to all your favorite dishes. They’re perfect for snacking, enjoying as a condiment, and for adding to your favorite recipes. Some ways to use sour pickles include adding a few to the lunch box to enjoy with your favorite sandwich, eating them as a side with a hamburger or grilled sandwiches, or chopping them up and throwing them into a side dish to add some texture and flavor.

For almost a century, Mt. Olive has been known as the country’s favorite brand for pickles, peppers, and relishes. For a salty and crunchy pickle that makes a delicious snack or addition to your favorite recipes, check out Mt. Olive’s sour pickles.