9 Things You Don’t Know About Pickles

Pickles are one of the most popular go-to snacks in the United States. Don’t believe us? Well, the Department of Agriculture estimates that the average American eats 8.5 lbs of pickles a year.

Now, those are a lot of pickles!

Despite their popularity throughout history, there are a ton of lesser-known facts about and health benefits of pickles. 

Here are 9 things you didn’t know about pickles:

1. People have been eating pickles ever since the Mesopotamians started making them way back in 2030 B.C.E.

2. Pickles are known for reducing muscle cramping! When the Philadelphia Eagles beat their rival Dallas Cowboys in what is famously known as “The Pickle Juice Game” in 2000, many of the Philadelphia players attributed their win to one thing: ice-cold pickle juice.

3. There is not only a National Pickle Appreciation Day (November 14th), but also a Pickle Month (July), and even an International Pickle Week (the fourth week of May)!

4. The expression “in a pickle” was first coined in 1610 by Shakespeare in his play, The Tempest.

5. Dill pickles and/or dill pickle juice can help to relieve heartburn! If you’re looking for a safe, at home remedy to try when you are suffering from heartburn, munch on a dill pickle or drink a bit of dill pickle juice. You may be surprised at how well it works!

6. Pickles may help with Weight loss! Since pickles are cucumbers brined in diluted vinegar, they contain acetic acid, which is fundamental in the human body’s metabolic processing of carbs and fat into energy and may even help to increase your metabolism.

7. According to an 1893 Supreme Court Ruling, pickles are technically a “fruit” of the vine (like tomatoes), but they are generally known as a vegetable.

8. Pickles can help with morning sickness &  even nausea. It’s no secret that pregnant women LOVE pickles. The whole joke of craving pickles and ice cream at 2 am is no joke at all. One helpful trick that pregnant women have discovered is that pickles can actually help with morning sickness and nausea often associated with pregnancy.

9. Pickles are the reason we have Mason Jars. Back in 1858, John Mason developed the Mason jar because he needed a thicker glass jar that would be able to withstand the heat needed to sterilize and seal a lid during canning.