Mt. Olive Sweet Pickles

Enjoying a pickle doesn’t mean that you have to enjoy a strong sour or vinegary taste. Instead, Mt. Olive’s Sweet Pickles offer an opportunity to enjoy a pickle that is mild, sweet and slightly tangy. These refreshing pickles are a welcome change of pace from the typical sort of pickle that we have all come to expect from our grocery stores. When you are looking to add something new to your dinner table, sometimes sweeter is better.

How Are Our Pickles Made?

Our pickle-producing process is backed by more than 100 years of experience, paired with nearly a decade of serving pickles to our community and surrounding areas. We have perfected the pickling process but using the freshest cucumbers and other ingredients, chopping and cutting them into the appropriate sizes, and brining them with our select spices that give how are pickles the flavor you crave. After mastering what it takes to produce pickles, we have extended our product line into the sweet range of flavors.

Make Your Next Meal A Little Sweeter

Our sweet pickles are not just for the occasional snack. In fact, Mt. Olive Sweet Pickles can be a key ingredient in your next family meal or side dish. There are plenty of recipes that call for pickles that would benefit from just a little bit more sugar. We welcome you to try out our recipe for chocolate-dipped pickles, sweet and salty chicken and waffles, pickle popsicles, and even peanut butter pickle pancakes. With so many different sweet pickle recipes to try out, why not see for yourself how our sweet pickles can offer you the unique flavor that you have been looking for?