Mt. Olive Sea Salt Pickles

There is a reason that many chefs prefer to use sea salt instead of plain table salt in their cooking, and we at Mt. Olive Pickles agree with their choice. Sea salt offers a slightly sweeter, richer flavor than regular table salt, which is why we decided to incorporate it into so many of our products. Everyone deserves to have a choice in their pickle preferences, and we want to offer a little extra to those who want a little extra in their pickles.

Get the Pickles You Prefer

Here at Mt. Olive Pickles, we know that sometimes you might need a change from the regular type of pickles which is why you may look toward a new variety of pickle. To help you in your search, we offer pickles made with sea salt in a wide array of pickle preferences, including sandwich stuffers, bread and butter chips, vidalia style, kosher dill spears, polish Dill Spears, our snackable Munchies line, and more. No matter how particular your pickle preferences prove to be, we can grant you your choice of pickles, all with a refreshing splash of sea salt.

Add Sea Salt To Your Classic Pickle Recipe

If you are looking to shake things up a bit with the pickles in your recipes, why not try a bit of sea salt? Sea salt can offer a delightful sensation to your corned beef sliders or make the winning difference in your air-fried pickles. You can let our sea salt pickles be the secret ingredient in any number of your family recipes, so check out our online store or your nearest grocery store and give our pickles a try for your next meal.