Did someone take a bite out of my pickle?

Occasionally we hear from our consumers who find a pickle – usually a spear – that appears to have a “bite mark” in it, teeth marks and all. It’s unsettling, to be sure! But the culprit isn’t human. It’s one of our machines, pictured in the video. A small cylinder holds the pickle in place while the ends are cut off. Watch the pickle on the left: If the pickle gets stuck or doesn’t move on promptly like it should, the cylinder comes back down and actually punches a hole. When this damaged pickle is cut into a spear, it looks very much like a bite somewhere in the middle. The video is shown in almost real time – about one pickle per second.

After a power outage, are my pickles safe to eat?

Hurricanes happen. And lots of other conditions that can knock out power for days. Once power is restored and you’re cleaning out the refrigerator, don’t toss the pickles. Pickles and pickled peppers won’t spoil or otherwise pose a health threat, even if left unrefrigerated for a period of time. They can sometimes ferment – meaning the juice will turn cloudy and the pickles will eventually darken and get soft. If this occurs, just toss, as the flavor and texture will be off. Otherwise, enjoy your pickles!

Does Mt. Olive sell its pickle juice?

JuiceWe do not pack and sell our pickle juice separately. The truth is it just doesn’t taste the same without the pickles in the jar. That great taste is a blend of flavor once the pickles absorb the juice.


If you are having trouble with dried-out pickles (because you drink the juice first) try blending the pickles and juice together, then straining it.

Are Mt. Olive Pickles made in the USA?

Yes! For all of its 90 years, Mt. Olive Pickle’s manufacturing plant has been located in the small Eastern North Carolina town of Mount Olive, NC. Today, most of the fresh cucumbers and peppers that we use in our products are procured in the United States (and one-third of that is sourced in North Carolina). We purchase some abroad for select sizes in quantities that aren’t available in the US, and for fresh cucumbers at times of the year when domestic supplies aren’t available. We have two items, Roasted Red Peppers and Marinated Roasted Red Peppers, that are grown and packed for us in Peru, and these are labeled as Products of Peru.

Do Mt. Olive’s products contain gluten?

All of Mt. Olive’s products are gluten free.

Does Mt. Olive Pickle offer tours of its manufacturing facilities?

Mt. Olive does not offer public tours of its plant. However, we have a dill-lightful little gift shop right here that the public is welcomed to visit. While at the gift shop, ask to see our 15-minute tour DVD, which shows how we make our pickles. You’ll receive a visitor pack and a free jar of pickles! You can also take pictures at the most famous corner in Eastern North Carolina: the Corner of Cucumber & Vine. Gift shop hours are 8-5 weekdays, closed for lunch from noon to1 p.m. For driving directions, go to www.picklemap.com.

Where do I find the Best By Date on Mt. Olive products?

You’ll find the Best By Date stamped on the shouldProduction Code Locationer of the jar, on the glass itself, near where it curves into the lid. Just above this is a production code.

By the way, we have a 24-month date on our cut products, and a 30-month date on everything else. Because of the way we make our pickles they do not spoil over time. They may just get dark and soft. If you have a jar that’s past its Best By Date, there’s no harm in trying it for taste and texture. If it still tastes fine, enjoy!

Does Mt. Olive Pickle have barrels that it makes available to the public for purchase?

Our 55-gallon barrels are not available for sale to the general public.

We recommend that you contact the following:
Charles J. Rice, Benchmark Earth Works in Sanford, (919) 774-7877 or benchmarkcorp@windstream.net