Mt. Olive’s Real Sugar Pickles

Who says that pickles can’t be a little sweet? At Mt. Olive, our Real Sugar Pickles are the bread and butter chips that do flavor right. Backed by 100 years of experience, our Real Sugar Pickles can be the bread and butter of your next meal or snack. We only make our pickles and relishes with customer satisfaction in mind. You can check out our pickles by going to our online shop or heading to your nearest grocery store.

Flavor For Any Mood

Our pickles come in a wide variety, including Sweet Heat, sweet gherkins, and simply vidalia. We also serve them as Spears, chips, relish, and sandwich stuffers. Our Real Sugar Pickles can be the perfect addition to any meal for any occasion. Let our relish add that extra burst of flavor to your next hot dog or a sweet bite of crunch to your favorite sandwich. At Mt. Olive, we take pickles seriously and are proud to manufacture one of the best-selling brands of pickles, peppers, and relishes for millions of customers for nearly a hundred years. See for yourself how our pickles can add what you were looking for in your next meal.