Mt. Olive Peppers and Specialty Products

Although we are mostly known for our pickles, we do more than just pickles! Since we have perfected the pickling process over the many years since being founded in 1926, we have applied what we have learned to bring you specialty products such as jalapenos, okra, peppers, pickle salsa, and pepperoncini. Whether you are looking for something hot or something sweet, we are sure you will find something that hits the spot.

Our specialty products allow you to get even more creative in the kitchen by giving you more choices to spice up a recipe. For example, our diced jalapeno peppers can be added to just about anything. Grab a spoonful of the diced peppers and stir them into your salsa, melted cheese, burger meat, and more to add some heat to your meal. They can also be used in omelets to fire you up in the morning or use them to top off your hot dog, taco, or a sandwich at lunch. The possibilities are endless.

It’s All About Choices

At Mount Olive Pickle Company we are constantly thinking of new ways to bring more to your kitchen table. That is why we started offering our specialty products in stores near you. To make our products even better, all of our products are made using U.S. grown veggies (one-third of our products are procured in North Carolina). Though some spices and other ingredients have to be sourced from abroad because they are not available in large quantities in America, you can enjoy knowing what you are eating was made in “the land of the free and home of the brave.” To learn more about our history, click here.