Hot Banana Pepper Rings

Crisp banana pepper rings with a bit of heat and lots of flavor!

Hot Banana Pepper Rings (12 oz.) – 09300 00101
Hot Banana Pepper Rings Deli (32 oz.) – 09300 00406

Available as:

Hot Banana Pepper Rings - 0930000101

Sweet Salad Peppers - 0930000098

Sweet n Hot Salad Peppers - 0930000090

Sweet Heat Banana Peppers - 0930000293

Sweet Heat Jalapeno Peppers - 0930000292

Sweet Heat Pepperoncini Whole Peppers - 0930000300

Pepperoncini - 0930000089

Sliced Pepperoncini Peppers - 0930000092

Roasted Red Peppers - 0930000480

Marinated Roasted Red Peppers - 0930000481

Mild Banana Pepper Rings - 0930000102

Jalapeno Slices - 0930000011

Diced Jalapeno Peppers - 0930000016

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Heat up any meal with Mt. Olive Hot Banana Pepper Rings. Give your sandwiches and subs a crunchy bite of flavor. Spice up hot dogs and burgers with the spicy-sweet flavor of banana peppers. And what about cooking up a batch of pepper jelly for glazes on meats and veggies?  Yum, can’t wait. How about  sweet potato skins baked with a touch of maple syrup and garnished with hot banana peppers?

Pepperoni pizza can use the extra punch of flavor you get from banana pepper slices.  These peppers can be a griller’s best friend. Spread those slices over the top of meats or poultry and let the flavor subtly seep in. Or mix them in with macaroni and cheese, top it off with some bread crumbs and bake in the oven for a delicious side dish. Give fresh baked breads a twist by including chopped banana peppers into the batter for biscuits, muffins or bagels.

Mt. Olive Hot Banana Pepper Rings are available in two sizes  12 ounce and 32 ounce jars.  You can find these peppers at your favorite local supermarket or grocery store across the US.

Crisp banana pepper rings with a bit of heat and lots of flavor. Enjoy straight out of the jar or use them to top off your favorite sandwiches and subs.

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Hot Banana Pepper Rings
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by Gene Kaszuba

I told my wife today when you go shopping pickup some Hot pepper rings. We had hoagies that night and I put some Mt. Olive Hot Banana Pepper Rings on one half and the other half with Mt. Olive Jalapeno Rings. WOW, what an experience! Both the Pepper Rings and the Jalapeno Slices were crisp, crunchy and added a lot of flavor to the hoagie. The next day we had pizza and I put Pepper Rings on one slice and Jalapeno Slices on the other. They were both full of flavor and tasted great! I like to THANK YOU for making a great and tasty product that makes my senses feel like I was Rocky when he ran up the steps at the Philadephia Library. Keep making’em and I’ll keep eating’em!!!! I forgot to put a rating. 5stars!!!!!!

 by Josh

I love these peppers, only problem I have is they don’t pack them in gallon jars

 by Al Kane

The Hot Banana Pepper Rings have always been my favorite and would have definitely rated 5 stars - but that last few months they are not as crunchy. I can usually recognize the less crunchy (more cooked?) ones by the duller color. Strangely, the Mild Banana Pepper Rings do not (visibly) appear less crunchy. I will continue to buy the product and hope it will return to its former level of perfection.

 by Brian Keating

By far my favorite, we have a company up near me in Northeast Pa that makes them but theirs are way too hot to enjoy and no flavor to them, Mt Olive's on the other hand are on point

 by Michael Johnson

We had our daughter & son-in-law, who live near Seattle join us in the NC mountains for Thanksgiving. I had a jar of Hot Banana Pepper rings, which he had never tried. He loved them but can’t find anywhere near home. I’m going to buy six jars to send to him. I eat about a jar per week. Best condiment for everything. 5 stars from me!