Sweet Heat Jalapeno Peppers

We took Mt. Olive’s new flavor twist on a little heat, a little sweet, and added it to our Jalapeno Peppers. Yum!


Sweet Heat Jalapeno Peppers (12 oz.) UPC 0930000292

Available as:

Sweet Heat Jalapeno Peppers - 0930000292

Sweet Salad Peppers - 0930000098

Sweet n Hot Salad Peppers - 0930000090

Sweet Heat Pepperoncini Whole Peppers - 0930000300

Sweet Heat Banana Peppers - 0930000293

Sliced Pepperoncini Peppers - 0930000092

Pepperoncini - 0930000089

Roasted Red Peppers - 0930000480

Marinated Roasted Red Peppers - 0930000481

Mild Banana Pepper Rings - 0930000102

Hot Banana Pepper Rings - 0930000101

Diced Jalapeno Peppers - 0930000016

Jalapeno Slices - 0930000011

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Sweet Heat Jalapeno Peppers
Average rating:  
 33 reviews
 by Kajetan

Absolutely addicting. Once you start you cannot finish until the jar is empty. But hard to buy. Only available in Kroger.

 by Barbara

I love these peppers and us them on everything! They are the best! Only problem is finding them in our area :(

Barbara, thanks for your review! If you can't find these in your local stores, you can always order by phone from our gift shop, and we'll ship them by the case via UPS! To place an order or to check pricing and availability, call our gift shop at 800-672-5041, option 2.

 by De

We bought these on a whim and absolutely love them. We bought as many as we could find. Unfortunately we cannot find them anywhere. We live in Landenberg Pa. We gave a jar to our friend in Durham ,NC he cant find them either. Where can we get them!

De, we're dill-lighted you enjoy our Sweet Heat Jalapeño Slices! If you haven't already, check out our online product locator for stores near you who stock this item: https://www.mtolivepickles.com/product-locator/. You can also order by phone from our gift shop, and we'll ship six jars of a single item per box by UPS! To order, just call 800-762-5041, option 2. Thanks for buying (and looking for) Mt. Olive!

 by Josh

I love love love these!!! I am hooked ever since I tried them. They go great with anything - especially chips and guacamole. I am eating them right now as I type this lol. Please never stop making these. Kroger makes a similar product under their own brand but they are not as good as these. Perfect!!!

 by Mary

These are exactly what they say and I can not get enough of them! I seriously eat them with almost everything.
They have heat but with the sweetness they are perfection!

 by Shawn

When I originally found them, my Son & I tried a jar and we were hooked!!
We put them on potato chips, roast, tuna fish , just about everything
Went back and bought 6 Jars, now we can't find them anywhere.
Someone Please HELP :)

Shawn, thanks for contacting us! Our Sweet Heat Jalapeño Slices were temporarily out of stock for a bit, and we apologize! We encourage you to visit our online product locator https://www.mtolivepickles.com/product-locator/ to find stores in your area who regularly offer this item. You can also order by phone from our gift shop by calling 800-672-5041, option 2! Thanks for buying (and looking for) Mt. Olive!

 by Alicia

Thank goodness that they will be back stock soon. I was looking all over for them.

 by Ashley Vance

These quickly became my favorite after I tried them the first time. Unfortunately for the last month and a half I haven't been able to find them in any Kroger or Walmart in my area. I've been to several. Do you know when they will be available again? I noticed my local Kroger had removed the sticker and their place on the shelf yesterday. I really hope they restock them once they're available again.I literally drove an hour away looking for these with no luck. I've tried to recreate them at home to no avail, I even put regular jalapenos in my sweet heat jar hoping to get that perfect taste. That didn't work either. I really hope once they're available again, I will be able to find them in my area. Thank you.

Ashley, thanks for your note! If you are still not finding our Sweet Heat Jalapeño Slices in your local stores, you may want to check out the online product locator: https://www.mtolivepickles.com/product-locator/ to see if any other stores near you may stock them. You can also order by phone from our gift shop, and we'll ship six jars of a single item per box! To reach our gift shop, just call 800-672-5041 and select option 2. Thank you for buying Mt. Olive!

 by Jenny

I love the Mt. Olive Sweet Heat Jalapeño slices! But I can’t find them anywhere. After reading through the reviews here I am relieved to know they will be back in stock soon and are not discontinued. Please refill them in Harris Teeter in Charlotte NC. Thank you!

 by Rebecca

These are amazing and I can’t find them anywhere locally right now I’m so
Hoping this are still available

Rebecca, thanks for your note! We're dill-lighted you enjoy our Mt. Olive Sweet Heat Jalapeño Slices! These have been temporarily out of stock but should be replenished within the next few weeks. Thanks for buying (and looking for) Mt. Olive!

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