Some like it hot…like Mt. Olive Sweet n Hot Salad Peppers.  The perfect accessory to top your favorite salad, wrap, sandwich or sub. And oh, so much more. Let’s broil up a quick dish of sausage and peppers that have a nice hot and spicy kick. How easy is it? Just grab some out of the jar and just squeeze slightly to drain, then toss them in with the sausages.  Let’s make an easy upgrade to leftover pizza slices…place a few of these peppers over the slice before popping it into the oven.

Feeling hungry yet? How about loading a pita with hummus, sprouts and those deliciously sweet and hot peppers. Give your grilled cheese sandwiches a kick by sprinkling a few peppers.  Or how about a twist on an American classic like macaroni and cheese? Chop up those peppers to spice up what used to be a typical side dish. Add some to ground beef for meat loaf, hamburgers, tacos…is there a recipe that can’t be improved by adding these gems in a jar? Give your favorite meal s a new, zesty zip of flavor.

Available in two varieties:  Sweet n Hot Salad Peppers i 12 ounce jars  and Sweet Salad Peppers in 12 ounce jars.  You can find these peppers at your favorite local supermarket or grocery store across the US.

A sublime combination of banana peppers, onion, sweet and hot. What are you waiting for? Go out and pick up a jar today.