Mt. Olive Spicy Pickles

When you ask someone to describe the taste of a pickle, they may tell you it tastes salty, like vinegar, like dill, or many other different flavors. A lot of different types of pickles all taste very similar to each other, so don’t you think it’s time to heat things up a bit? Mt. Olive’s Spicy Pickles offer pickle people an opportunity to spice things up with their pickle preferences. We have a wide variety of spicy pickles in all different cuts and types of heat.

Extra Heat Paired with Perfect Pickles

At Mt. Olive, we have been providing pickles to grocery stores for more than 100 years. Before we start the pickling process we take the time to choose the perfect cucumbers to become the perfect pickle. From there, we have developed a jarring process that extends the shelf life of pickles without sacrificing the quality or integrity of them. We have always been particular about how we produce our pickles and it is no different for our spicy pickles. Just as we are perfectionists with our pickle selection we are just as picky with the spices we used to bring heat to our pickles.

Which Type of Spicy is Right For You?

We have pickles flavored with jalapeño, buffalo, sweet heat, and even zesty garlic in all types of cuts including spears, dills, dill chips and baby dills. with so many different types of pickles and levels of heat, we know that there is a perfect spicy pickle out there for you. With so many different types of spicy pickles to choose from, they all can bring something new to your next dinner plans.