Mt. Olive Sour Pickles

When you love pickles but are looking for something a little different, Mt. Olive Sour Pickles may be just what you are looking for. Our Whole Sours Pickles offer a deeply sour flavor with an extra bit of salty edge to it. Our sour pickles come with a bit of extra crunch and tangy flavor that we believe provides the perfect pairing to any barbecue or picnic. Before taking a patch of sour pickles oh, it might be worth knowing the difference between typical dill pickles and sour pickles.

What is the Difference?

Although all these pickles may seem similar or even identical to the untrained eye, there is one critical difference between the two of them. The primary difference between sour pickles and any of our other pickles is that sour pickles are always fermented in salt brine. The fermentation process can last between 6 weeks to 12 weeks or more, depending on the particular fermentation process. While the sour pickles are different from typical pickles, most people are able to easily substitute one pickle for the other in most recipes.

Make Sour Pickles Part of Your Next Meal

Everyone has their own pickle preference, but that does not mean that they have all tried every pickle. Whether you are looking for a new type of pickle to try, or you just want the right sour pickle for you, we invite you to try our sour pickles. In fact, sour pickles may be the perfect substitution for any recipe with pickles that you may have at home or any of our recipes you have been meaning to try. Head on down to your local grocer to try out our sour pickles for yourself and see what works best for you.