Mt. Olive Dill Pickles

Making pickles is what we do. For nearly a century, Mt. Olive has been known as the country’s favorite brand for fresh dill pickles. Over the years we have perfected the pickling process to bring you your favorite dill pickle. Our original dill pickle recipe can be enjoyed as a snack, on a burger or a sandwich, or on their own. Give Mt. Olives Dill Pickles a try, you will be dill-lighted!

All About Mt. Olive Dill Pickles

Our dill pickles are made in a variety of shapes and sizes, including chips, spears, relish, salad cubes, and more! Mt. Olive Dill Pickles are sliced to the perfect thickness for a satisfying crunch. They maintain their crunchy texture and flavor for many weeks and months after pickling so you can enjoy the great taste of Mt. Olive Dill pickles at any time. (Just be sure to refrigerate.)