Mt. Olive Dill Pickles

At Mount Olive Pickles, making pickles is what we do. For nearly a century, Mt. Olive has been known as the country’s favorite brand for fresh dill pickles. Over the years we have perfected the pickling process to bring you your favorite dill pickle. Our original dill pickle recipe has been handed down through the generations. The perfected recipe is what made us so popular. For pickles that have a satisfying crunch and perfect flavor, give Mt. Olives Dill Pickles a try, you will be dill-lighted!

All About Mt. Olive Dill Pickles

Our dill pickles are made in a variety of shapes and sizes, including chips, spears, relish, salad cubes, and more! Mt. Olive Dill Pickles are sliced to the perfect thickness for a satisfying crunch. They maintain their crunchy texture and flavor for many weeks and months after pickling so you can enjoy the great taste of Mt. Olive Dill pickles at any time. (Just be sure to refrigerate.) During the pickle-making process, the cucumbers are selected based on their size, freshness, and the thickness of the skin to ensure we can deliver only the highest quality, best-tasting pickle products to our customers. Next, fresh cucumbers are cut to the appropriate size and shape and we add the spices to the jars Then we cover the pickle juice, which includes vinegar and other flavors and ingredients. Finally, it’s pasteurized to just the right temperature and quickly cooled to make the product have a decent shelf life.

Our Dill Pickle Options

As pickle lovers ourselves, we know that pickles can be used for a variety of recipes and meals. To ensure you can have dill pickles with any meal, our dill pickles are available in a variety of options. You can find our original dills of course, but we also have dill relish, dill salad cubes, hamburger dill chips, and more. If you are looking for new ideas to use pickles in your cooking, check out our dill pickle recipes. We highly recommend you give our Dill Pickle Pizza recipe a shot for dinner this week. It’s simple to make and it’s something the whole family can enjoy.