Mt. Olive PicklePAKs

Have you ever wanted to pick a pack of pickles? With Mt. Olive’s PicklePAKs, you can! Our PicklePAKs offer just the right amount of kosher dill pickles, jalapeno slices, and sweet petites. Our PicklePAKs are found in our web store here, and in your friendly neighborhood grocery store! Whether you need to add a bit more flavor in your lunchbox, spice up a picnic, or just have a good snack, PicklePAKs got your back! With more than 100 Years of History in the pickle business, you can bet your pack of pickles that we know how to make them right.

Just A Little Bit of Flavor That Packs a Punch

Our PicklePAKs offer convenience and versatility for our shoppers. Sometimes, you aren’t looking to bring a whole jar of pickles to work. Thankfully, PicklePAKs let you get the right portion for whatever you need and allow you to cut down on food waste in the process. Whether you were looking to spice up a pizza, sandwich or just enjoy a good snack, PicklePAKs can give you what you are looking for in a little cup of happiness.