Mt. Olive Gherkin Pickles

Oh sweet gherkin! Mt. Olive’s Gherkin Pickles give you the crisp and sweet pickle taste you love in a small gherkin. If you love sweet, you will find our gherkins absolutely dill-lightful! At Mt. Olive we have been making pickles for a long time, almost a century actually. Our pickles are world-famous and deliver that taste of home with the convenience of being ready to eat out of the jar. We use the best cucumbers and the finest ingredients to create our pickle masterpieces. Our sweet gherkins are great for snacking or adding sweetness to your favorite meal. To make our products satisfying for everyone, our sweet gherkins are available in no sugar added or gherkins made with real sugar jars as well.

The Pickling Process

We have been perfecting the pickling process for over 90 years. To start, the cucumbers are selected based on their size and freshness to ensure we deliver only the highest quality, best-tasting pickle products to our customers. Next, the fresh cukes are placed in a jar with the brine (pickle juice) and we add the spices to the jars. We cover the pickle juice, which includes vinegar and other flavors and ingredients. The pickles are then pasteurized to just the right temperature and quickly cooled to make the product have a decent shelf life. Lastly, the pickles are packaged and distributed to stores throughout the United States. Find Mt Olive Gherkin Pickles at a store near you.

Get Creative with Mt. Olive Pickles

We have hundreds of pickle recipes for you to use to have some fun in the kitchen and enjoy your pickles with any meal. You can choose from pickle recipes for appetizers, main dishes, salads, and even beverages. One of our favorite recipes is our Crescent Pinwheels. They are simple to make and can be ready in a half-hour or less. Give it a try as a snack or small lunch this week.