Mt. Olive Reduced Sodium Pickles

Enjoying our popular pickles here at Mount Olive Pickle Company Does not mean that you have to feel guilty about it afterward. Our wide variety also accommodates those who are looking to stay health-conscious, Which is why we offer our reduced-sodium pickles in our lineup of delicious pickles. We know that some people have to watch how much sodium they have in their diet, and we believe that watching your sodium intake should mean sacrificing a refreshing and delicious snack.

Reduced-Sodium Pickles for Any Occasion

Mount Olive Pickle Company is proud to offer reduced-sodium pickles In our popular pickle spear fashion, as well as sweet pickle relish. Each of these products offers a delightful hint of sodium without any of the worries that come from regular sodium pickles. Just like the rest of our pickles, our low-sodium pickles are pasteurized to the precise temperature necessary and then quickly cooled to give them a strong shelf life so you can enjoy the first bite out of a jar just as much as the last bite.

How Will Our Pickles Enhance Your Next Meal

We believe our pickles are the perfect way to punch off any meal into a five-star banquet, and watching your sodium shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the pickles that we put our love and care into making. Because our reduced-sodium pickles taste just as great as any other pickle, we offer you can seamlessly substitute the reduced-sodium pickles into any of our favorite Mount Olive Pickle recipes. Whether you were looking to add a bit of crunch to your next charcuterie board or you want to zest up your burger sauce with a bit of relish, You can keep your favorite pickles in your meals while still watching your sodium.