From Pickles To Relish and Everything In Between, These Are The Types of Pickles Mt. Olive Has To Offer

At Mt. Olive Pickles, we are proud to bring you the best pickles made with the finest ingredients. From classic dill pickles to sweet and spicy varieties we have a pickle that can satisfy anyone's craving. We offer all types of pickles in all types of flavors. 

Some of our finest and most popular pickle types include:

Kosher Dill Spears 

Our kosher dill spears are the perfect snack or topping on your favorite sandwiches. These pickle spears are made with fresh dill, garlic cloves, and vinegar, packing them with flavor and crunchy goodness. You can enjoy these pickles from a jar or use them in your favorite pickle recipe.

Kosher Dil Spears
Kosher Dills

Kosher Dill Whole  

You can enjoy the classic taste of kosher dill pickles with our whole pickles. These pickles are fermented to perfection to provide a crisp bite every time you open the jar. These are perfect refrigerator pickles to make a great addition to any meal.

Kosher Baby Dill 

Our kosher baby dill pickles are small but packed with flavor. These are perfect for snacking or to be used as a garnish. Our baby dill pickles are preserved with the perfect blend of brine and spices made from pickling cucumbers and are sure to delight.

Kosher Baby Dills
Kosher Petite Dills

Kosher Petite Snack Cruncher 

For a quick and satisfying snack, our kosher petite snack crunchers are crunchy and flavorful. These are a perfect and light snack for anyone looking for a quick, crispy, and salty bite to eat.

Bread & Butter Chip 

Our bread & butter chips are a sweet and tangy mix of vinegar, sugar, and spices. These sliced pickles are perfect for adding a powerful burst of flavor to any dish.

Bread Butter Chips
Hamburger Dill Chips

Hamburger Dill Chip

When you top your burgers with hamburger dill chips, you get the perfect summer meal. The next time you set up a barbecue, bring these sliced pickles for a zesty crunch for any sandwich or burger.

Kosher Dill Spears Made With Sea Salt 

Our kosher dill spears made with sea salt are a natural twist that provides a pure and authentic dill pickle flavor. These are perfect for those who are looking for a more natural taste but still want a satisfying snack.

Kosher Dill Spears Sea Salt
Jalapeno Slices

Jalapeno Pepper Rings 

If you're looking to add some heat to your meals, our jalapeno pepper rings are perfect for anyone who loves a spicy kick with their food. These jalapeno peppers are an excellent addition to nachos, sandwiches, or straight from the jar. A perfect pair of cider vinegar and peppercorn means every bite is bursting with flavor.

Sweet Relish 

Our sweet relish is a condiment that can add a touch of sweetness to anything. We worked hard to make the perfect blend of chopped pickles, vinegar and sugar to turn any hot dog, salad, or other dish into something fantastic.

Squeeze Sweet Relish

Kosher Dill Stuffers Made With Sea Salt 

When you are looking for pickles that are meant for stuffing, our kosher dill stuffers made with sea salt save you the work of hollowing them out. These sea salt pickles are perfect for party appetizers and other recipes.

Pick The Perfect Pickle 

At Mt. Olive, we work hard to develop high-quality pickles and peppers with the purest ingredients. We make our pickles from fresh cucumbers, dill seeds, and an unforgettable blend of pickling spices. Every jar of pickles we sell is crafted to deliver maximum flavor, whether you are looking for sweet pickles, spicy pickles, or even the classic dill pickle.  

To us, pickling is not just a process; it is a tradition that we have perfected over the decades. Our commitment to quality and taste has made us ‘America’s Pickle.” See for yourself today what makes our pickles the best in the market. 

Add America’s Pickles To Your Next Meal 

If you are looking for new ways to enjoy your pickles, check out our pickle recipe section here for ideas for appetizers, main courses and more. If you have your own pickle creation that you want to share with us, contact us here! 

If you are ready to experience the deliciousness of Mt. Olive pickles, find our products and stores near you or order online to have them delivered to your home.