Kosher Baby Dills

Garlic flavored pickles that pack some punch. Enjoy Mt. Olive’s fresh, garlic flavor in a crunchy baby dill pickle. Perfect for a crunchy snack, or as a party favorite!

Kosher Baby Dills (16 oz.) – 09300 00071
Kosher Baby Dills (24 oz.) – 09300 00085
Kosher Baby Dills (32 oz.) – 09300 00380
Kosher Baby Dills (46 oz.) – 09300 00250

Available as:

Kosher Baby Dills - 0930000071

Kosher Petite Dills - 0930000381

Organic Kosher Baby Dills - 0930000454

Petite Snack Crunchers, Kosher Dills - 0930000334

Simply Pickles Kosher Baby Dills - 0930000680

Simply Pickles Kosher Petite Dills - 0930000523

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Crunchy and delicious, Mt. Olive Kosher Baby Dills are the perfect accompaniment to sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs and more! Enjoy these flavorful pickles out of the jar as a snack or chop them up and include them in your favorite salad recipe. Include them in lunchboxes and picnic baskets. These unique garlic flavored dills give meals a tasty kick that you’ll love.

Available in 16, 24 and 32 ounce jars for your convenience. You’ll find yourself eating pickle after pickle, and never even notice until the jar is empty. These kosher baby dills may be small in size, but the delicious garlicky taste will have you craving for more.

Salty and sweet. Juicy and crunchy. Made from the finest baby cucumbers, packed in Mt. Olive’s world renowned pickle juice.  Include these Kosher Baby Dills in party platters and get rave reviews. Share them with friends, school mates or co-workers and you’ll be the most popular person during lunches and breaks.

These fresh, garlic flavored pickles can be used to create delicious relishes. Chop them up and mix them into potato salads, egg salads, tuna salads, pasta salads…the only limitation is your imagination.  Slice them and stuff them into sandwiches and wraps. Use them as a side dish with a plate of fried chicken, chips and dips. Or just grab them out of the refrigerator and munch on them to your heart’s content.

Is it possible to love a pickle? Give these tasty treats a try.

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Kosher Baby Dills
Average rating:  
 13 reviews
 by Jessica R.

these pickles are soo good my fav!! are your kosher baby dill pickles fermented?

Hi Jessica! We're dill-lighted you enjoy our Kosher Baby Dills! Our Kosher Baby Dills are not fermented. These are fresh packed, meaning we start by placing fresh cucumbers in the jars, next we add the cover brine with vinegar, salt and all the flavorings, then we pasteurize the jars to just the right temperature for optimum flavor, quality and safety.

 by Joyce Custer

Delicious! Very nice crunch. Nice
flavor too. So glad I tried them. I will be trying Mt. Olive varieties.

 by Bob Vikes

These are GREAT! The sourness is wonderful! I love pickles

 by Jim Moore

Excellent pickle. Great flavor and crunch. My favorite. Love this pickle juice. Wish you would sell this juice by the gallon.

 by Jackie

I am very picky about pickles. Have tried everything from Vlassic to local. Great taste and crunch. It’s all about crunch for me, and these are the best. These red baby Kosher are addicting, Thank you Mt. Olive!

 by Sara Middleton

Alot of times, all I can make myself eat is pickles. And these are BY FAR the crunchiest, best tasting pickles I’ve ever had. I originally got them because they were on sale, but now I literally go through 2.5 quarts of Mt. Olive Kosher Dill pickles (baby or original, doesn’t matter!!) per week. I set aside 5 dollars from every weekly paycheck as my Mt. Olive budget. Not doctor recommended, I’m sure, but better eating pickles than nothing at all!! And at this point in my life, I will continue to eat my weekly quarts of ONLY Mt. Olive Kosher Dill pickles until I die. Not too sour, perfectly salty, got a tiny bite to them. I make it so known that these pickles are my life that my coworker got me a jar for Christmas. Best gift ever. Thank you, Mt. Olive, for shining a pickly ray of sunshine into my life.

 by Anonymous

Are the lids on these jars supposed to pop when I open them? I opened 2 jars and there was no audible pop, like the jars aren’t sealed…

Our jars do not always make a pop sound when first opened. As long as the clear plastic tamper evident band is in place before opening, and the jar was reasonably difficult to open, your jar was sealed properly.


Do your pickles contain iodine? I am on low iodine diet and can't any products with iodine

Victoria, our products do not contain iodine.

 by Kathleen M. LaFratta

I eat a quart of the kosher baby dills every other day! I am truly addicted to these pickles and have been for 10 years. They are so delicious in every way. If all I had left in the world was 5 dollars, I would spend it on these pickles. I want my last meal on this earth to be as many of these pickles as I can possibly chew and swallow! Thank you so much for creating these delectable little green jewels. Please don't ever change them.

 by Nickii

I love the dill spears but my baby pickles have an off taste they have a really bitter taste. Even the juice has it. Really disappointed.

Nickii, we apologize! If you haven't already, please complete the product concerns form on our website so that we can properly follow up with you: Thanks for letting us know!

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