Bread & Butter Chips

These old fashioned sweet pickles are both salty and sweet – Enjoy the fresh Bread & Butter pickle flavor you love in a crunchy pickle chip that goes great as a side, on sandwiches or with a salad!


Bread & Butter Chips – 0930000070

Available as:

Bread & Butter Chips - 0930000070

Bread & Butter Chips with Sea Salt - 0930000652

Bread & Butter Chips Made with Sugar - 0930000517

Hint of Salt Bread & Butter Chips - 0930000347

No Sugar Added Bread & Butter Chips - 0930000109

Organic Bread & Butter Chips - 0930000455

Simply Pickles Bread & Butter Chips - 0930000531

SweetHeat Bread & Butter Chips - 0930000132

Bread & Butter Sliders - 0930000287

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Mt. Olive Pickles Bread & Butter Chip pickles are a little sweet and little zesty and with a kick. These pickles are so good it will remind you of the pickles your grandma used to make each year. From the juice in the potato salad to deviled eggs and coleslaw, these Bread & Butter Pickles will find a way into your home and heart.

Our Bread & Butter Chips are mixed with cucumbers, vinegar, celery and mustard seeds, and onion flakes for a mouthful of flavor. These bold, crisp, classic cut pickle chips are a perfect side item for your turkey sandwich at lunch or the family BBQ on top your cheeseburger. Delight yourself with the classic taste you know and love.


Cucumbers, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Water, Vinegar, Salt, Mustard Seeds, Onion Flakes, Calcium Chloride, 0.1% Sodium Benzoate (Preservative), Celery Seeds, and Yellow 5.

Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 1 ounce/ about 6 chips.
Serving Per Container: Usually 10
Amount Per Serving
Calories: 20

Per Serving
Total Fat 0g
Sodium 180mg
Total Carbohydrate 6g
Total Sugars 5g
Protein 0g

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Bread & Butter Pickle Chips
Average rating:  
 14 reviews
 by Kenny

My previous fav has been discontinued so I am searching. Yours came up 1st place for flavour. However, the pickle slices are too thin. Please make the slices thicker and that would make them 1st. overall as well.

 by Bernice Sherman

I love your Organic Bread and Butter pickles. I eat them every day! No other pickle brand comes close to the taste and freshness of Mt. Olive products. I would like to know if the Organic bread and butter chips undergo a fermentation process. Thank you for making the best pickles in the world.

Hi Bernice! We're thrilled you enjoy our Organic Bread & Butter Chips! Our Organic Bread & Butter Chips do not undergo a fermentation process. They are fresh packed, meaning we start by adding fresh organic cucumbers in jars, then we add the cover brine with vinegar, salt and all the flavorings, and pasteurize the jars to the right temperature for optimum flavor, quality and safety.

 by Ryan

Love them. Wish they were sold in the UK. For now, I just visit the US military base commissary. Keep sending them, please!

 by Magdalene Vaughn

I love all the bread and butter pickles. I can’t get enough snacking them and cooking with them. They remind me how my mother in law makes homemade. Oh it’s so good!!! Don’t stop making any of them. Thank you for a great crunchy salty and sweet pickles!!!! I buy mine at Walmart. Awesomeness!!!!!! More than a five star rating!!!!!

 by James T. Adams

I will not purchase any pickle not in a Mt. Olive jar. Being 74 I have tried lots of pickles (mostly homemade) and thought I would never find bread and butter pickles as good as my mothers. I can say yours are the best and so close to moms. My pantry has Mt. Olive relishes, kosher dills and peppers. I recommend your products to friends and family. To all the employees of Mt. Olive keep it up, you should be proud of all your products and yourselves.

Thanks so much James!

 by Kathleen Schock

Hello Every One. My Name Is Kathleen. I Agree You Have The Best Relish And Pickles & Mild Peppers. By Far. Only Brand We Really Enjoy And Buy To. Keep On Making Both Of Them. 5 Stars. We Buy At Least 2 Jars Of All 3 A Week. Still Never Enough. Thank – You So Much. The Schocks.

 by Sandy

I am with Jackie… These are THE BEST bread and butter pickles EVER! I have been buying the “made with sea salt” pickles for a long time. Just tonight I noticed, while at the store, that they now have “fresh pack”. I had picked up the latter to put in my basket and realized they were different…so, I put the “fresh pack” jars back and got the “made with sea salt” jars that I have bought in the past. I get home and realized that I have been eating a jar of the “fresh pack” pickles for the past week! They taste very much the same (delicious), but I have to admit that I think the “made with sea salt” pickles are “more crunchy”, as I remember thinking they seemed a little more “limp”, and just figured that it was just the normal product difference that happens occasionally. Maybe I am imagining a difference, but would like to know what the actual difference is between the “made with sea salt” and the “fresh pack” pickles. Both are delicious!!

Sandy, BOTH are fresh pack items – meaning they do not undergo a fermentation process before packing. The fresh cucumbers are simply washed, cut, placed into jars with the cover brine and pasteurized. We use Sea Salt in one and regular salt in the other. ????

 by Patti

Love the bread and butter chips. I used to buy them in the 64 oz jars, but now I can’t seem to find them any more. Would love to be able yo purchase that size again, even if only from the website.

Patti, unfortunately the 64 oz. size is something we don’t ship to individuals…

 by Veronica C

Definitely the BEST bread & butter pickles we ever had, but lately they seem to be all different shapes, sizes & thicknesses. Who has been slicing them….. Edward Scissorhands ???

 by Charlotte Pike

Glad to know others miss your half-gallon jars of Bread and Butter pickles!!!!!!! Is Sam’s the only place where they are sold? Can I drive to your company in Mt. Olive and buy them from you??? I live in Western NC??

You may find these locally at your Sam’s Club. You can buy any of our items from us here in Mount Olive. We are located in Eastern NC, so likely a good drive for you unless you are headed this way for the beach! For complete details, call our gift shop at 800.672.5041.

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