No Sugar Added Bread & Butter Chips

Sugar-free pickle chips! Mt. Olive offers a full line of No Sugar Added pickles, which are sweetened with the no calorie SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener. Enjoy these sweet low calorie and zero sugar Bread & Butter flavored pickle chips today!

No Sugar Added Bread & Butter Chips (16 oz.) – 09300 00109

Available as:

No Sugar Added Bread & Butter Chips - 0930000109

Bread & Butter Chips - 0930000070

Bread & Butter Chips Made with Sugar - 0930000517

Bread & Butter Chips with Sea Salt - 0930000652

Hint of Salt Bread & Butter Chips - 0930000347

Organic Bread & Butter Chips - 0930000455

Simply Pickles Bread & Butter Chips - 0930000531

SweetHeat Bread & Butter Chips - 0930000132

Bread & Butter Sliders - 0930000287

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The classic, old fashioned favorite, Mt. Olive’s Bread & Butter chips are known for their sweet, yet tangy profile flavor. Mt. Olive offers a full line of No Sugar Added pickles, which are sweetened with the no-calorie SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener. With 0 grams of sugar, Mt. Olive has presented the perfect, healthy snack for you and your loved ones. 

There are many different ways to enjoy our Mt. Olive No Sugar Added Bread & Butter Pickle Chips. Chop and slice them for inclusion in sauces, appetizers and your favorite dishes, scoop out as many as you’d like and add them to your sandwich, hamburger, or hotdog, or just grab a bowl and enjoy. There’s no wrong way to enjoy our pickle chips, and with no added sugar, you don’t need to feel guilty about going back for more!

Our secret recipe makes Mt. Olive Bread & Butter Chips a deliciously tart experience for the taste buds with a hint of sweetness. In our process, the cucumbers are pickled with onion flakes, mustard seeds and celery seeds in our specially made brine, until they have reached perfection. Each bite is designed to be perfectly crunchy and fresh, and with the crinkled edges and small shapes, perfect for a variety of dishes and meals!

We have a variety of pickled products, from Sour Pickles and Zesty Organic Kosher Dill Pickle Spears, to Gherkins and our revolutionary Munchies Resealable Pickle Pouches. So if you’ve been waiting to take advantage of our delicious line of pickled products, try out our No Sugar Bread & Butter Pickle Chips now!

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No Sugar Added Bread & Butter Chips
Average rating:  
 16 reviews
 by Sandy

I can eat a whole jar at a time they are that good!!!!

 by Anna Bostwick

I am diabetic, and couldn’t eat my favorite bread and butter pickles ????
But now I can, and I must say these are just great! I love your sugar free bread and butter pickles! Thank you so much for making it possible to have these pickles again!!!

 by Shari

Bought the no-sugar pickles by accident a few years ago and obviously ate them anyway – I wasn’t going to throw them out. Absolutely cannot believe they are no-sugar. Out of the fridge, they are cold, crisp and taste naturally sweet. I’m not diabetic, but try to limit my sugar intake. Nice to know you can snack on these as much as you want and get no added sugar, and they TASTE GREAT!

 by Anonymous

Didn’t see the star rating but it’s a 10 for me for flavor

Thank you very much!

 by Frank

Love em I never realized how much high fructose corn syrup could ruin a pickles flavor these are my new favorite . I won’t buy any other pickle

 by Michelle Charles

How many calories is the entire jar if it says 0 calories per serving?

Hi Michelle! According to federal guidelines, if a serving contains less than 5 calories, it is listed as 0. Our Mt. Olive No Sugar Added Bread & Butter Chips contain 3.8 calories per 1 oz. serving, mostly from the cucumbers themselves. An entire 16 oz. jar of No Sugar Added Bread & Butter Chips would be around 68 calories, including both the chips and the brine, as the jars actually hold a little more than 16 fluid ounces.

 by Sharon Smith

I love this particular "no sugar added" and they are so hard to find where I live.

 by Emma

Absolutely the best pickle ever! I stock up on them because I eat them every day. I like a sale, but this is one product I am willing to pay full price for...though they are quite inexpensive anyway.

 by Sandy

I use the no sugar pickle juice on my sweet kale salad. It's great! I wish the jar was sold in a larger size.

 by Zabrina Dennis

I recently found these pickles and I LOVE them. I eat them right out of the jar! I would never know from the taste that they have no added sugar. I recently had weight loss surgery aftwr 15+ years of trying to lose weight, terrified of actually going under the knife. I have had complications (though no regrets!) including a complete intolerance to added sugar! I never realized how many products (including some canned veggies and almost all soups) add sugar to their products. I thought I would have to wait to can my own no sugar added pickles in the spring. Thank you Mt. Olive!!!

Oh, and just to let yall know, I know 1st hand how picky Mt. Olive is about purchasing their cucumbers. I am a farmer, as my dad and grandfather, and worked for my dad running the work station sorting cucumbers that were contracted for sale to Mt. Olive in the mid nineties!

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