Munchies Buffalo Kosher Dill Chips In a Resealable Pickle Pouch

At Mt. Olive we think our pickles are the perfect snacking option, especially our Munchies Buffalo Kosher Dill Chips in our resealable pickle pouch. These delicious pickle chips pack a lot of flavor and are the perfect treat when you want something with a little kick to eat.

We think that anytime is the perfect time to enjoy good wholesome Mt. Olive pickles. We designed our resealable pickle pouch to give you the ability to take your favorite flavor along with you no matter where your day takes you.

Munchies Buffalo Kosher Dill Chips

Have you ever had a hankering for something with a little bite to it? Our Munchies Buffalo Kosher Dill Chips are the perfect way to satisfy that craving. Gluten-free,  and super tasty makes our Munchies Buffalo Kosher Dill Chips a favorite for the whole family that likes to add a little spice to their life.

We invite you to take our Munchies Buffalo Kosher Dill Chips in our resealable pickle pouch everywhere you go and have that snack with a kick handy so you never have to let your craving go unsatisfied.

Resealable Pickle Pouch

Our leakproof resealable pickle pouch keeps all the vibrant flavors of our Munchies Buffalo Kosher Dill Chips intact and ready to enjoy. This leak-proof packaging ensures that your favorite pickles are preserved to perfection and ready to add some zing no matter where you go.

We call it resealable but we know once you open up that resealable pickle pouch you won’t close it back up until every delicious chip is done, but just in case your snacking comes to an unexpected halt, you can always close the package back up and be ready to dig in again.

We Invite You to Try Them

We set the highest quality standards for all our pickles. We use the freshest ingredients to ensure that you can feel good about eating and giving your family. It is rare to find a snack that tastes good, that is fun to eat, and that is good for you.

At Mt. Olive we think everyone that tries our Munchies Buffalo Kosher Dill Chips will love them. Get your Munchies Buffalo Kosher Dill Chips in a resealable pickle pouch today. Once you try them you will understand why there is such a loyal following for all of Mt. Olive’s perfectly prepared pickles.

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Resealable Pickle Pouch – Munchies Buffalo Kosher Dill Chips
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 7 reviews
 by Connie

OMG! They are sooooo delicious. The spice is perfect. Would love to find them sold by the jar. Please and thank you

Connie, thanks for your feedback! We're dill-lighted you enjoy our Munchies Buffalo Kosher Dill Chips in the resealable pouch! I'm afraid we don't currently pack this item in jars, but we encourage you to check out our lineup of spicy pickles by visiting Thank you for buying Mt. Olive!

 by Keyiri

These are the absolute best pickles Mt. Olive have made!!! I just wish they were offered in a jar instead of a pouch. There much better than the original version that's offered.

 by Teresa Redfearn

These are amazing; hope to see jars in the stores soon.
Tasty, spicy, "just yummy"
I love them in my fried chicken sandwich with brioche buns

 by Bryce D

these are the best!! i wish they made a big jar of these wow ! talk about Great

 by Apollo castillo

I love these! They are so amazing! I buy a bunch of these and take them for lunch since it says 0 calories. I just wish to find more info on the nutrition facts! I track my food and these dont pop up on my Samsung health app so I can track it! All the ones it pulls up say 5 calories per serving. On the packet don't give me enough info to customize add

 by Casey

Love these Spicy Pickles!

 by Darlene Brady

Omgness, love these. Do they come in a big jar

Hi Darlene, thanks for the compliment. The Munchies Buffalo Kosher Dill Chip does come in a 16oz jar as well.