No Sugar Added Bread & Butter Sandwich Stuffers

Try our sugar-free bread & butter pickle sandwich stuffers today! Sweetened with the 0 calorie SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener, these bread & butter stuffers are sliced flat for sandwich satisfaction. Enjoy all the sweetness with zero added sugar!

No Sugar Added Bread & Butter Sandwich Stuffers (16 oz.) – 09300 00112

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No Sugar Added Bread & Butter Sandwich Stuffers - 0930000112

Bread & Butter Sandwich Stuffers - 0930000067

Bread & Butter Sandwich Stuffers with Sea Salt - 0930000655

Simply Pickles Bread & Butter Sandwich Stuffers - 0930000530

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What are the perfect sandwich ingredients? Some nice bread, your favorite slice of meat, and the kick of some fresh cheese. Maybe you like to add some flare with a tomato or crunch with an onion. You can add peppers, lettuce and spices – but our favorite sandwich topping? Mt. Olive’s No Sugar Added Bread & Butter Sandwich Stuffers.

There’s nothing like the fresh crunch and sweet aromatic flavor profile of a pickle, especially when they are designed to fill your mouth with flavor every bite. At Mt. Olive, our line of Sandwich Stuffers are made for your sandwich-loving delight. They are flat and long, the perfect size topping so that you get a nice fresh crunch with every bite. And to make our beloved Bread & Butter recipe even better? They are sugar free, so you don’t have to have any regrets about going in for seconds. 

Mt. Olive offers a full line of No Sugar Added pickles, which are sweetened with the no calorie SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener. But just because they don’t have any sugar doesn’t mean you have to worry about them taking away from the classic, old fashioned Bread & Butter flavor. 

At Mount Olive, every batch of pickles we make has been derived from the highest quality cucumbers. Our secret recipe makes Mt. Olive No Sugar Added Bread & Butter Sandwich Stuffers a deliciously tart experience for the taste buds with a hint of sweetness. In our process, the cucumbers are pickled with onion flakes, mustard seeds and celery seeds in our specially made brine, until they have reached perfection. Once you pop open a jar of our bread & butter sandwich stuffers, you’ll be unable to resist the sweet aroma and fresh, amazing taste. 

Since 1926, Mount Olive has been producing and distributing some of the best pickled products across the United States. Located on the corner of Cucumber & Vine in Mount Olive in North Carolina, our farm has been producing the highest quality products for almost a century. For all of this time, Mount Olive has been outshining the quality of other pickle companies and have come to be a well-loving and best selling item. We have a variety of pickled products, from Sour Pickles and Zesty Organic Kosher Dill Pickle Spears, to Gherkins and our revolutionary Munchies Resealable Pickle Pouches. We love to feature all of your favorite pickle recipes, perfect for the pickle lover on the go! So if you’ve been waiting to take advantage of our delicious line of pickled products, try out our No Sugar Added Bread & Butter Sandwich Stuffers now!

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No Sugar Added Bread & Butter Sandwich Stuffers
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
 by Robert G Hobbs

I love these pickles but I can’t find them in any store. Or on line what a disappointment

 by joseph b. wozniak

why doesn't walmart carry your bread and butter sandwich stuffers -NO SUGAR ADDED- in pa.? also, wegman's markets only carries no sugar added bread and butter chips. I'm a diabetic and this is the only way that I can enjoy your pickles. please contact these stores in pa. to add these items to their shelves.

thank you

 by Shirley Moore

This is the only pickle I have bought for several years, now Wal-Mart no longer carries it, they have the chips and they don't work well for sandwiches, my husband and I are both disappointed as we can no longer purchase this pickle anywhere in our area.

 by f kreiner

It's great to have a low sugar product that tastes so good. If it wasn't for the label, I would not be able to tell the difference between them and other sweet pickles. Great product! Unfortunately, it is getting difficult to find the sandwich stackers in my area.

 by Lee

Theses were delish!!!! I am a Bariatric Consumer and it satisfies my pickle taste. It was a little too sweet but I would still buy again. I buy the S/F Relish which I also absolutely love.

 by Mia

Fabulous! I love your pickles and especially the bread & butter ones. Best in the world, and sugar-free is great for diabetics and folks on a diet, like me!