Bread & Butter Sandwich Stuffers with Sea Salt

These sea salt bread and butter sandwich stuffer pickles are sliced flat for the perfect sandwich. Add the  sweet, fresh Bread & Butter flavor of Mt. Olive’s pickles to your next sandwich – Now made with real Sea Salt!


Bread & Butter Sandwich Stuffers Made with Sea Salt (24 oz.) – 09300 00655

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Bread & Butter Sandwich Stuffers with Sea Salt - 0930000655

Bread & Butter Sandwich Stuffers - 0930000067

No Sugar Added Bread & Butter Sandwich Stuffers - 0930000112

Simply Pickles Bread & Butter Sandwich Stuffers - 0930000530

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Bread & Butter Sandwich Stuffers with Sea Salt

Are you searching for a way to perfect your favorite sandwich recipe? Our Bread & Butter Stuffers with Sea Salt can be the perfect solution for upgrading your sandwich to wow status. These store-bought pickles deliver that zesty yet sweet your sandwich needs to reach perfection.

Don’t let the name fool you we have not really changed too much with our Bread & Butter Sandwich Stuffers except take out the table salt and use sea salt instead. We use the same great pickle recipe that has made our bread and butter pickles a family favorite.  We have perfected pickled cucumbers of all flavors.

You should expect the same tangy, sweet pickle flavor that is the perfect balance between sour pickles and sweet pickles. We use the high-quality ingredients that Mt. Olive is well-known for, we just wanted to give you a choice.

Look In the Jar

The only thing different about our Bread & Butter Sandwich Stuffers with Sea Salt is the different salt. Sea salt is thought to contain valuable minerals and a lot of people prefer it. Everything tastes the same, your taste buds will never know the difference. All you have to do is look in the jar to see all that familiar goodness floating in the pickle juice.

When you look in the jar what you see is fresh beautiful pickling cucumbers that have been sliced lengthwise to accompany your sandwich perfectly. Of course, you will also get a glimpse of all the ingredients that are packed into our pickle juice.

A flake of this, clove, mustard seed, garlic, granulated sugar, fresh dill, celery seed, dill seed, peppercorns, turmeric, peppercorn, and other fresh ingredients combine deliciously in the jar to keep our addicting Bread & Butter Sandwich Stuffers tasting great from the first pickle to the last one in the jar.

Add Them to Your Next Sandwich

These are the pickles your mama warned you about. Once you start adding them to your favorite sandwiches you will be hooked. A sandwich is just a sandwich without Bread & Butter Sandwich Stuffers from Mt.Olive.

At Mt. Olive we focus on making pickles that taste just like homemade pickles because we are picky about our ingredients. This shelf-stable should be a part of everyone’s home that enjoys a good sandwich.

Try Them Today

We bet once you put Bread & Butter Sandwich Stuffers with Sea Salt on your favorite sandwich you will never eat a sandwich without them. We invite you to try our Bread & Butter Sandwich Stuffers with Sea Salt and up your sandwich game.

Get ready for a perfect pairing with turkey, chicken, tuna, ham and cheese and more. Of course, you can do what everyone else does and eat them straight out the jar. You do not need a sandwich to enjoy the wonderful taste of Mt. Olive Bread & Butter Sandwich Stuffers With Sea Salt.

You can find all our pickles and condiments at your local grocery store. Try out dill pickles, sweet gherkins, Kosher dills pickles, pickle chips, and more perfect for snacking and accompanying your favorite meal.

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Bread & Butter Sandwich Stuffers with Sea Salt
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
 by Cindy Lou

Mt. Olive Bread & Butter sandwich stuffers are by far my favorite to add to sandwiches and burgers. They are even great to sneak a snack in between meals. The stores in my area no longer carry them and I am suffering big time.


I LOVE your pickles....all of them ! Thanks for such a superior product line.

 by Christopher Quijas

The very best pickle out there. Thank you Mt. Olive!

 by Glen Duff

I meant to give these pickes the top rating. They are indeed awesome!