Smoky BBQ Bread & Butter Chips, 16 fl oz

We’ve taken our traditional Mt. Olive Bread & Butter Pickle Chips and added a classic smoky barbecue flavor! The result is a burst of BBQ flavor with just-right smoky overtones. 


Mt. Olive Smoky BBQ Bread & Butter Chips (16 fl oz) UPC:00009300002776

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We started with the old fashioned sweet pickle flavor that you have always loved, and added a savory BBQ tang. Salty, sweet, and smoky, these Mt. Olive Smoky BBQ Bread & Butter Chips are a crunchy pickle chip that taste great on burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, or as a side item at any barbecue!

These delightful Mt. Olive Smoky BBQ Bread & Butter Chips feature crispy cucumbers thinly sliced and mixed with vinegar, garlic, celery & mustard seeds, and onion flakes for a mouthful of flavor. These classic-cut Smoky BBQ Bread & Butter Pickle Chips pack a bold taste.

Mt. Olive Pickle Co. has been producing your favorite pickles for nearly 100 years, and Mt. Olive is proud to be the #1 best-selling brand of pickles, peppers and relishes in the United States. Our crunchy, flavorful pickle goodness comes from the corner of Cucumber & Vine in our hometown in North Carolina.

  • 16 ounce jar of sliced Smoky BBQ Bread & Butter pickle chips
  • Made with Mt. Olive’s Old Fashioned Sweet Bread & Butter recipe with a smoky BBQ twist
  • Resealable jar that locks in the perfect crunch
  • 30 calories, 7g carb and 7g sugar per serving
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Smoky BBQ Bread & Butter Chips, 16 fl oz
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
 by Heather

These are the best pickles I’ve ever bought. Perfect sweet and smoky flavor. Perfect crunch. They are delicious by themselves or on hamburgers or hotdogs. They taste a lot like homemade “Christmas pickles” which are the ultimate of all sweet pickles, imo. Please don’t ever discontinue these.

 by Amy Simmons

I LOVE PICKLES !! Your hamburger dill chips...Yum ! However, The Smokey BBQ .of the chain!! I"m a FAN! I ate the whole jar with in an hour after i bought them . They never made it to the dinner table . Soo Good, but I happened to grab the last jar at my local market 😢. Where ,oh where can I buy them today ? Near me ? I will place an Online order as well.

 by Frank S.

I found these in a Pigly Wigly one day, And now they are my absolute favorite pickles!
The only problem is there hard to find... But when I do I will get 4 jars at a time just in case!
Now I want to try making fried pickles with them!!! :D

 by Andrew morrow

These pickles are amazing! Sweet smoky flavor goes great with anything and even better on their own. My wife and I finished off a jar of these pickles the day we bought them. Not huge "pickle people" but these are awesome!

 by Tom

These are my new favorite snack pickle!

 by Christie W.

Love them!! They are so flavorful and tasty!! Found them while out of town, trying my best to find more. Wish more stores sold these!!!