Sweet India Relish

Sweet India Relish is Mt. Olive’s traditional Sweet Relish with an extra ingredient that gives it a unique flavor.

Sweet India Relish (16 oz.)  UPC 0930000035

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Sweet India Relish - 0930000035

Dill Relish - 0930000010

Dill Salad Cubes - 0930000022

Hint of Salt Sweet Relish - 0930000349

Hot Dog Relish - 0930000027

No Sugar Added Sweet Relish - 0930000106

Simply Relish Deli Style Dill with Sea Salt - 0930000635

Simply Relish Deli Style Sweet with Sea Salt - 0930000640

Sweet Relish - 0930000007

Organic Sweet Relish - 0930000459

Sweet Salad Cubes - 0930000045

Squeeze Dill Relish - 0930000037

Squeeze Hot Dog Relish - 0930000032​

Squeeze Sweet Relish - 0930000030

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Mt. Olive has taken a classic relish recipe and added our own twist. Starting with our time tested Sweet Relish recipe, our Sweet India Relish has a special ingredient! Indian relish is a sweet, somewhat spicy relish used as a condiment or side dish. It is a play on the traditional sweet relish, but has a variety of special spices that make this Sweet India Relish a must try!

Now this amazingly delicious and fresh-tasting relish is the perfect addition to cookout and barbeque foods like macaroni salads, hot dogs and hamburgers. Use this zesty relish to top crackers, spread onto a sandwich, mix into tuna salad, or serve alongside cheese and meat. 

At Mt. Olive, we became famous thanks to our Kosher Dill Pickle recipe but we know that different folks have different tastes and sometimes you want a different kind of flavor accompaniment to spice up your cuisine. That’s why we offer the inspired flavors of our Sweet India Relish to enjoy at your leisure. Mt. Olive has been producing high-quality pickled and relish products for nearly 100 years. Its classic products have come to be best selling and well-loved items, overshining those of other pickle companies. Ready to try it for yourself? Give our Sweet India Relish a try!