Squeeze Dill Relish

Enjoy classic dill flavor in our traditional relish with an easy-to-squeeze packaging! This convenient, resealable squeeze bottle makes it even easier to enjoy Dill Relish!​

Squeeze Dill Relish  (10 oz.)  – UPC 0930000037

Available as:

Squeeze Dill Relish - 0930000037

Dill Relish - 0930000010

Dill Salad Cubes - 0930000022

Hint of Salt Sweet Relish - 0930000349

Hot Dog Relish - 0930000027

No Sugar Added Sweet Relish - 0930000106

Simply Relish Deli Style Dill with Sea Salt - 0930000635

Simply Relish Deli Style Sweet with Sea Salt - 0930000640

Sweet India Relish - 0930000035

Sweet Relish - 0930000007

Organic Sweet Relish - 0930000459

Sweet Salad Cubes - 0930000045

Squeeze Hot Dog Relish - 0930000032​

Squeeze Sweet Relish - 0930000030

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As far as condiments go, it is hard to beat our delicious relish. If you love our dill pickles you will love our dill pickle relish. It is made with the same care we use in our popular pickle recipe. One taste of our dill relish will have you passing on the ketchup.

Dill relish can be the perfect way to really add some flavor to your meals guilt-free. It is the perfect condiment for anyone watching their weight or who have dietary restrictions.

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Squeeze Dill Relish
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