If you love the easy to spread, amazing taste of our Sweet Relish but want even more bold flavor and big crunch, then Mt. Olive’s Sweet Salad Cubes are the perfect addition to your meals. 

Mt. Olive’s salad cubes are made with a larger cut than relish, giving them a crunchier texture. If you love scooping up potato salad or deviled eggs and getting that amazing pickled crunch, you’ll love our Sweet Salad Cubes. 

Add a little zing to any meal or appetizer with the sweet and tangy flavor that has been brought to life by our proprietary recipe. Once at the peak of ripeness, our cucumbers are pickled and packed in a delicious brine giving you an explosion of crunchy, crisp flavors. 

Add a new dimension of flavors to every meal, and feel guilt-free from this low carb, gluten-free, and low calorie snack. Already diced to the perfect size, you don’t have to worry about the mess of chopping up pickles and can just scoop into our Sweet Salad Cubes and add them to any easy-to-make recipe. 

Mt. Olive has been producing high-quality pickled products and relishes for nearly 100 years. Our classic pickled products like the Bread and Butter pickles and the Organic Kosher Dill Pickle Spears have come to be a best selling and well-loved item, overshining those of other pickle companies. Ready to try it for yourself? Give our Sweet Salad Cubes a try!

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Sweet Salad Cubes
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 17 reviews
 by Joan Thrist

I love the salad cubes for my salads. A friend of mine from Alabama sent me a couple jars and I fell in love with them I live in Amherst, NY and cannot understand why they do not carry them in any of the stores along with other Mt. Olive products. Maybe you can help. Thank you

Joan, the salad cubes are something of a Southern thing. They just aren’t available much outside the Southeast. You can always order that item from us and we’ll ship you six jars per box. To order, call us at 800.672.5041 and press 2 for the gift shop.

 by Karen Kelley

These are the best for Ham Salad, Tuna Salad, Egg Salad, etc. But, the Same here in Southern Indiana. I had purchased some salad cubes and loved them. Thought that I got them around here, but possibly purchased when traveling in our RV. At any rate, I have been to every grocery around here and unable to find them. It is just the wo of us, so it would take a long time to use 6 each. Is it possible to purchase 3 Dill and 3 Sweet from you directly.

Karen, our Sweet Salad Cubes is mostly a Southern item, so you likely did find it on your travels. We have a 30-month date on this item, so the jars actually keep a long time…to order call our gift shop at 800.672.5041 and press 2.

 by Patty Lee

I’ve used this product in many dishes through the years. Now I am eliminating corn syrups and artificial sweeteners. Please make this product with real sugar

Patty, thanks for your comments. We are introducing a new line called Simply Pickles that are made with sugar. I’ll pass along your suggestion on our Sweet Salad Cubes.

 by Marsha

Love, love, love the Sweet Salad Cubes! There is no substitute! No other pickle deserves a spot in my potato salad!

 by Anne

I want to try these in my salads, but even struck out finding them in southern Kentucky! I don’t see what the problem is to expand availability! I don’t want to buy a case having only read reviews and not having tried them myself!

Anne, our Sweet Salad Cubes are mostly available in the Southeast because those stores choose to carry it. If you haven’t already, use our online locator to see if they are available anywhere near you. Beyond that, you can order from us and we’ll send you six jars per box (which may be better than special ordering a case of 12 jars from your local store.)

 by Christina Dowdican

I LOVE these salad cubes! I use them in my potato sald, macaroni sald, tuna & chicken salad. Save a ton of time having to chop pickles! Tastes great!

 by Parrish

I’m from the south, my mom always used sweet salad cubes for her salad recipes. This is MY ONLY and FAVORITE RELISH.

 by AJEA

@Aaron De Waine Rhodes,

“Finally glad to be able to find who sells it [Sweet Salad Cubes] in Las Vegas.”

Who does?

It looks like none of the retail grocery stores in the Las Vegas area will carry our Sweet Salad Cubes, although the commissary at Nellis AFB has it. You can always order the 12 or 16 oz. item from us, and we’ll ship you six jars per box. To order, call us at 800.672.5041 and press 2 for the gift shop.

 by Aaron De Waine Rhodes

I’m originally from Asheville, NC and that’s all my grandmother and mother used to made potato salad. If I don’t have it I don’t make potato salad. Finally glad to be able to find who sells it in Las Vegas. Thank you very much.

 by Karen Hoke

The sweet pickle cubes are absolutely the best! Have been ordering them from the gift shop for years since I can’t find them here in Arizona. I have the gift shop number in my phone, which is good because its not easy to find it on your site.

Hey Karen, thanks for pointing out that our 800 number is hard to find on our website. We’ll correct. FYI – our 800 number is found on all of our jar lids, along with our web address. We are dill-lighted you enjoy our Sweet Salad Cubes!

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